Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2013: The Best of the Season

Wow, where do I even begin to express my obsession with this collection? As a big fan of what Hedi continuously did at Dior Homme, it's absolutely blissful to see this collection and on a runway. It's almost Dior Homme 2.0. It's rock 'n' roll, glam rock, and bit grunge with those plaids and coats. I'm honestly salivating over everything. You know, everyone might as well just burn whatever they sent out on the runway these past two weeks 'cause Saint Laurent takes the cake for best collection of the season. As someone who identifies as androgynous and outside of the box, it's great to see collections like this that fit my aesthetic. Let's be real, it's absolutely fantastic to see Hedi shake things during mens fashion week since it's always suits galore. I need sequins, embellishments, animal prints, and skinny trousers and this is exactly what I want to wear. There's a leather moto jacket in there that's making me go crazy. Just last week, I was at the rosebowl in Pasadena looking for a biker jacket, but unfortunately I ddn't come across one that was ideal. With seeing the ideal biker jacket in this collection, it's obviously a sign that my lazy ass (hey, I'm on vacay!) should keep on searching. Besides that, I'm salivating over those distressed jeans with chains on the. In my opinion, those are the most covetable pieces in this. Those chelsea-looking boots are such a Hedi Slimane staple and I love them in that brown shade in suede. The use of flannels and plaids worked well here, especially in that one look towards the end with an embroidered jacket. I would've loved if the plaid top was tucked to give a more chic evening look. Nonetheless, it was sublime. I'm usually not keen on fair isle sweaters, but I think Hedi did a tremendous job in showing them entirely in sequins. It gave the collection a more glam touch and chic-ified a lot of the cool, edgy casual looks. The longs scarves were so reminiscent of his Fall/Winter 2005 Dior Homme collection. Ahh, and that red leopard-print cardigan styled with that flannel? Sublime. Favorite looks below:

You know, starting today, I'm saving up for those chain jeans. Yes, I'm gonna fight and try to have the will power to save up for them, oookay? Wish a homegurl good luck!


p.s. next up? Detail shots!

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