Friday, January 25, 2013

Should I get it or Not: The Marc Jacobs Large Daisy Shirt Edition

Okay, I'm so having a hippie moment lately in terms of clothes and all. I mean, this shirt is perfection, no?
Here's the story behind it: I remember I wanted it early of last year when it was on Net-a-Porter's website, but unfortunately sold out when I had the dinero to splurge on it. Thanks to the folks at The Outnet, it's back! BUT, it's only available in sizes US2, US14, and US16. I'm clearly like a US6-8, since I like my shirts a little baggy but not too baggy. I'm debating whether to get the US2 or the US14. I mean, sometimes at H&M, a US10 is good cause it's a bit oversized, but it doesn't look ridiculous. I'm clearly not a size US2, which is an extra small, but I wonder if I can shed the lbs to fit into it. Sigh, what's a girl to do? *Bat for Lashes' What's a Girl To Do starts playing* UGH...
And how it's styled makes me even more eager to purchased it.

I told my friend Katie that if I were to go to Coachella, it would be ideal! Like, with some denim cutoffs and a couple of effortless bracelets and rings here and there and paired off with some easy espadrilles! I'm salivating over the multiples ways I could style it.

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