Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Playlist: "Warm in the Winter"

Finally, I'm posting this playlist and have been wanting to for quite some time. Unfortunately, I can't play the music stored in my ipod in my car, so instead I like to make mixed cds for entertaining myself in the car. lol. I just blast the music, push my hair back, and break a sweat doing a lame attempt at being a Beyonce with my vocals. I'm titling this playlist "Warm in the Winter". I was inspired by Balenciaga's rad F/W 2012 soundtrack and main track played in the collection, hence why "Warm in the Winter" by Glass Candy is the opening track. Also, I've been obsessed with house music lately. I mean, I'm a house music kind of gal, but it's lately I'm just getting into it more and more. I remember being into house music when I was in elementary school and early middle school when my sister would play some obscure radio station that's now unfortunately gone. Sigh, the glory days when there used to be so much variety on the radio (OMG. Does anyone remember indie103.1? Sigh..) Anyways, I would always listen to music by artists like Kylie Minogue, Madison Avenue, and others that fit in with the house/pop/electronica genre. I guess I'm getting back to my roots with this playlist somehow. There's also some alternative and new wave in this as well. Remember, grab your nearest fierce coat, a nice warm coffee, drive away and enjoy ;)

1. Glass Candy - Warm in the Winter

2. Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With Your

3. LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations

4. Chromatics - Cherry

5. Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

6. Toro Y Moi - So Many Details

7. Vitalic - Stamina

8. Jamiroquai - You Give Me Something

9. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Waulking Song (Lone Remix)

10. The Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll

11. Nick Lawson - You Look Good

12. Kilo Kish - Navy

13. Aki Bergen feat. Carmen Sherry - Into My Soul (Spiritchaser remix)

14. The The - This is the Day


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