Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"You Love"

By "Your Love", I'm referring to the track with that title by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED). Yup, your homegurl got to see TEED a couple of weeks ago when I started my winter break. It was the perfect way to celebrate with my girls the ending of the fall semester. First is first, what did I wear?
 (OOTD: Oversized Hanes sweater that I need to return back to a friend lol. Velvet skinny pants from Gap. Converse all star chucks)
See, this is what I meant when Christopher Kane knows exactly what's on my mind when it comes to clothes! Velvet trousers like the ones in his collection? Check. Oversized sweaters like the ones from his collection? Check. For the concert, I wanted to wear something absolutely warm and yet keep it fun since it was during the holiday season. Fortunately, I loved the outcome of the outfit and it was totes chic. Fun, edgy, and totally comfortable. Now, regarding Teed, how was it? Yup, that man was brilliant!
 Went to the concert along with my gurls Katie and Zulemita (her real name is Zulema, but Zulemita sounds ghetto and gives the impression that she has street cred, yah know?)
I had such a fabulous evening that night! After dancing our asses off, we binged just a tad bit on In N Out. Surprisingly, there weren't that many hot guys that night that yours truly would've loved to get it on with. I mean, there was this cute jock I started chatting with, but he was totally out of place and, well, straight lol. While smoking, we started chatting about how he's in the wrong place because he goes to UCLA and USC isn't so far away from the concert venue and so he's in "their territory" (I'm rolling eyes inside my head at this point). Sigh, if he was unfortunate looking you know I would've just left then and there. He then asked me if his muscle shirt (gurl, the muscles...mmm...) was appropriate for the concert because he felt that since the music is electronica, the setting would basically be a rave. Sigh, people these days. A muscle shirt at night for an electronica concert and it's like 40 degrees outside? Gurl, really? Ugh.
What's the lesson? Guys really need to question what they wear like us gays and girls.
Hope your having a fabulous winter break like moi!

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