Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cheap Monday Jeans for Sale! *Tears*

Yup. I'm selling these bad boys that I purchased at the sample sale last year in Los Angeles. ~tears start rollin'~
They're currently on Ebay up for bidding or if you just have to have them in your life they're also up for purchasing. They're labeled the "Narrow OD Black" according to the inside of the jeans. They're a size 28 and a 32 in length. I originally thought they were a pair of women's 28 in jeans, which is like a medium I guess, but they're actually a 28 in mens. A 28 in mens basically means the smallest size in denim in mens jeans. Sigh. So yeah, they don't fit me. Click on the link above if interested or if you have anymore questions, email me at


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