Friday, February 15, 2013

Favorites Looks at Philosophy Fall/Winter 2013

I still have to post about Natalie Ratabesi's first collection for the label, which was Pre-Fall 2013. That collection is still making me weak in the knees just thinking about it. For her second collection, there wasn't that allure her initial collection had.
I thought the more business-like looks and pieces were the best, along with Julia Nobis' opening look. I thought the subtle mongolian inspiration could've been executed better. Maybe it was the styling, which was a tad lackluster in the middle of the collection. The more simpler and crisp pieces worked well, hence why I loved the collared shirts with the trousers looks. The sheer stripes gave a subtle femininity touch to the look while keeping it strong with the trousers. I think overall, the styling was an issue for me in certain looks. Hopefully, next season is as flawless as her Pre-Fall collection. Not bad, but not spectacular for her first RTW collection.

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