Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let's Have a Romantic Burger for Valentine's Day

Oh lord, Valentine's Day was such a hot mess.
 I didn't end up going to the party I had initially had in mind, but I instead went out for a quick bite with a friend. Ugh, my friend got out of work at 10:30 pm and we didn't hang out until 11:30 pm. Yes, 11:30 pm. Valentine's Day was practically over, but I guess I shouldn't care since I didn't have a special someone. We decided to go to some restaurant nearby because it had good reviews on Yelp. Once we enter, I swear there were so many people making out, drinking, and watching some Luann de Lesseps bitch perform her heart out. We sat down thinking they'd bring a menu with delectable pizzas to serve, but NO. Everyone was busy drinking. It was so small and intimate and it felt so weird just sitting there. There was also a Charro looking woman dancing. Ay dios mio. As we were sitting down, we both started laughing at how embarrassing this all was. Oh, and to top it off, everyone there was absolutely older there. I know I'm always on the hunt for a hot sugar daddy, but this was not the place, gurl. They were all heterosexual and making out with women. Barf. I swear, we were like embryos in there. Anyways, we left there ASAP and went to In N Out for a delectable burger and ate in my car outside of my house.
So much for Valentine's Day, huh? I even got dressed up thinking we'd have a spectacular time! Whatevs. Enough about that, and more about my flawless OOTD and my gorgeous face! Thanks L'Oreal ;)
 (OOTD: Michael Kors rose gold watch. Aldo black and white shoes. Windsor chain bag. The Smiths band t-shirt. Gap black skinny jeans. ASOS coat)
 I've been trying to channel a 60s/Mick Jagger kind of look lately with my hair. Bowl cuts, people!
 I look pretty Asian here.
And that's a wrap! How was your Valentine's Day? Puhlease tell me you got "some"?


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