Saturday, February 9, 2013

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Giveaway I Won!

A major thank you to the wonderful folks at Fashionista for the lovely package of Margiela for H&M goodies I received 2 weeks ago.
I was fortunate enough to win their giveaway they were doing about 3 months ago. I found out about winning early in December and thought the prizes would be coming no later than maybe a week. Oh boy, was I wrong. I emailed them around January letting them know that I didn't receive anything and they notified me they would immediately work on that issue. Fast forward to mid-January, I messaged them again letting them know I still hadn't received anything. It had been since December and I still hadn't received anything. They said they were very sorry and would work on. I thought "great, another 3 weeks of no response I guess". Luckily, the package came about a week later, or maybe even a couple days, and here I am now gushing over the products. Lesson learned? Better late than never, I suppose. I should agree since I'm the queen of being late. I mean, better late than never, no? lol. I received the painted white jeans, the inside-out jeans, a white painted belt, a handcuff-looking keychain, the leather belt jacket, an arm cuff, and a pair of white sneakers. The white sneakers, without a doubt, are my favorite thing about this giveaway. They're in a size 8, but they luckily fit me perfectly! Unfortunately, the size medium belt jacket doesn't fit me at all. It's quite big on me.
I decided to sell it myself on my copious page to somebody would fully appreciate and fit into it. Once again, thanks Fashionista!

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