Saturday, February 9, 2013

Organic by John Patrick Fall/Winter 2013

Pretty in pink, no? Chic collection from John Patrick. The collection was great at first with the outerwear made out of that fantastic shearling/fur-like fabric, but the use of pastel pinks and neon pink really livened things up. Everything appears chic with the use of nude socks, white pumps, and long gloves. It's very feminine, but there was something interesting about them I can't quite put my finger on. All the separates appeared easy and effortless, which is perfection to transition into your own style and to style in countless of ways. There's something vintage about the outerwear. The use of pinks made everything even more refreshing and the last neon pink dress ended the collection on a fun, vibrant (literally) note. Just the right amount of edge in this. Definitely one of my favorite collections thus far. Favorite looks below:
Now, how to get my hands on that last pink dress?


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Anonymous said...

Why is the brand called ORGANIC? Is it made out of organic materials. John Patrick's website is very VAGUE.