Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Well it was on March 8, but I finally have time to post about it lol.
So my birthday was okay, tbh. Nothing over the top or special. I really don't even want to let anyone know how old I am now because I feel so old. As a gay man and being a fashion-obsessed kid, once you get older, your world starts crumbling haha. I didn't expect anything from my parents, so nothing amazing to tell on here. I was scheduled to attend two birthday dinners. One on Friday for my friend Katie, who couldn't attend Saturday's dinner, and one on Saturday for everyone else who could attend. It irks me and pisses me off that my friend Katie notified me 2 hours, yes 2 HOURS, before dinner that she couldn't make. My friend Jessica told me Katie couldn't make it because she had "SO MUCH HW" and needed to finish it to attend the Swedish House Mafia concert tomorrow. However, I heard from her that she couldn't make it because she felt that I wasn't going to show up to my own damn dinner (it's a long story as to why she would make that conclusion). At this point, it's 8 pm, I just had finished applying my makeup, and was left doing dinner alone with my friend Jessica. Eager to go out for my actual birthday, I decided to not give a fuck and just have a nice, casual dinner with Jessica on Friday. Katie missed out, I guess. Jess and I had dinner at Kitchen 24, our go-to spot and then went to the Arclight to catch a film. To be honest, Jess is one of those people that I can go goof off and have such an awesome time and I definitely did. Sigh, as of right now, I haven't spoken to Katie and she hasn't texted me at all to say sorry. Oh well lol.
 (Dinner on Friday. OOTD: Old flannel from my brother, The Rolling Stones band t-shirt, leather trousers from H&M, and Alexander Wang brenda camera bag)
Let's move on to Saturday, shall we? After having a flawless time with Jessica, we decided to hit up the mall the next day to purchase some makeup goodies and do some damage to the credit cards. I ended up buying crap from Lush and Sephora and being a camera whore in the H&M fitting rooms.
 (OOTD: Burberry polo shirt, Club Monaco striped sweater, Gap always skinny jeans, Steve Madden shoes, Michael Kors rose-gold watch, and my trusty Alexander Wang brenda camera bag)
After shopping, Jess and I stopped by my house for a quick change of clothes and went to meet the rest of the girls at my friend Marilyn's house. We ended up having dinner at Bottega Louie in downtown LA. I mean, I love the pastries there, so I was eager to try their actual food.
 My iphone camera is so messed up from accidentally dropping it numerous times that it somehow produced the image above. Anyways, bomb ass food with bomb ass people.
 (The gorge nightlife in downtown LA)
I had so much trouble deciding what to wear to my own birthday dinner, so I stuck with something casual, yet cool. The "I don't give a fuck, yet I look flawless and channeling a model off-duty kind-of look", yah know?
 (Parking Lot Slut: Steve Madden shoes, Gap always skinny jeans, Marc Jacobs polo, Gap denim jacket, and my Alexander Wang brenda camera bag)
Overall, it was a blast having dinner with just a couple of good, ol' friends. I couldn't have it any other way. As the obese person that I am, I left with a box of macaroons to enjoy with coffee the next morning.
Btw, major thanks to my friend Andreina for buying me my boo's (A$AP Rocky, duh) album. Fashion Killa is my anthem, obvi.


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