Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion!

Holy Andy Cohen batman! The finale of RHOBH is next week, but papi Andy Cohen has blessed us with a preview of the reunion!

Ooooooooooooh gurl, shit is about to get real. I hate how Kim is attacking Brandi (my gurl). I mean, why are you defending lizard-looking Adrienne? Brandi has been so nice to you, like why ruin it? And I love how Yolanda is finally speaking up and calling out all the bullshit she sees, especially Kyle being two-faced.
Now, here's my little recap of yesterday's episode, which I LOOOOOOVED.
1) I LOVE how Brandi called Faye "Morally corrupt". YESSS. I was living for that moment. Ugh, and the nerve Faye had to butt in the conversation, Gurl, gtfo. Brandi telling her she can leave was priceless.
2) Marissa, who I love, disappointed me in this ep. Like, why are you talking smack about Brandi to the gurls, especially in front of the morally corrupt Faye? Go and handle that crap with Brandi. Plus, knowing how Brandi is, I'm sure Brandi was joking.
...but seriously, her husband is a cutie. How the hell would you not be all over that, gurl? Marissa needs to get her shit together.
3) This episode pretty much solidified my love for Yolanda. I was uncertain earlier, but I love how she's siding with Brandi and calling out all the girls on their bullshit, especially Faye and Marissa. She's the sanest of the bunch and most logical. Homegurl keeps it real.
4) I will regret this later, but I'm giving the award for "best line" to Faye. That whole "You can borrow as many Chanel's as you want, but you'll never be a lady" line was priceless. HAHAHAHA.
Now, let's all end this post with a lovely message.


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