Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break Forever!

Spriiiing Break foreeever. If you didn't happen to catch Spring Breakers this past weekend, well I highly advise you. Superb film by Harmony Korine. Sigh, I usually have tough moments when deciding what to wear to the cinemas. It's between a "comfortable and casual" ensemble while fighting with opting in a "chic and cool" look. Sigh. This time I went with something that fuses both of those ideas.
 (OOTD: Thrifted sweater at Goodwill. Gap skinny trousers. G.H. Bass & Co. metallic loafers. Windsor chain bag)
I find it absolutely comical that a lot of people, especially idiots my age, went into seeing the movie thinking it would be a film along the lines of Project x and 21 & Over. Sigh, kids these days. Do they now know who Harmony Korine is? Do they not know he's the visionary behind the film Kids that starred the flawless Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson? Ugh. I thought the film did a fantastic job at showing just how absurd and vile the spring break culture can get. If anything, it was poking fun somewhat at this ridiculous culture. By the end of the film, you got a sense of how corrupt spring break can get, imo. I laughed (that scene where Franco sucks on the pistol and him mixing his Calvin Klein colognes lol), felt creeped out (the scene where Franco continuously compliments a crying Selena Gomez), and actually felt amazed by how badass these girls were. Overall, one of my favorite films thus far for the year 2013. Can I also just mention that the trailer for The Bling Ring made me even more stoked for this year!
If you can tell, I repurchased my metallic blue loafers I lost at the Beverly Center! A friend of mine works at Macys and was able to help me buy the shoes at a cheaper price than I had initially purchased them for. I purchased them the first time for $82, I believe, and my fabulous friend helped me get them for $53. Not bad, no? Oh, let's throw in cray cray pic of moi below. Stiff bitch ftw!
Anyways, can we take a moment to appreciate how flawless Selena was in this?
 And seriously, Vanessa Hudgens aka Candy is sooo my spirit animal from now on. Gurl, werq.

In the words of Candy, spring break foreeeever, bitches.

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