Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (RAC remix)

Obsessed with this remix. OBSESSED.


Hanne Gaby Odiele at Coachella + Other Flawless People

The flawless girl at Coachella award goes to.......Hanne Gaby Odiele! Like, duh!
Poor Alana though. I'm sure those Jimmy Choo loafers got FUCKED UP. Eeeek.
 Queen Andrej Pejic
Alessandra Ambosio's summery dress is styled perfectly with those suede pieces.
Can we have a poll to encourage Behati to dye her hair lavender? Homegurl looks fantastic with it! Idk, her whole outfit just looks so much more cooler with that hair color.
Lindsay: Dude, so uhh have you talked to Karl? I haven't been to one of his shows since 2007
Irina: Nah, I haven't been casted in one of his shows since 2008!
Lindsay: Oh, wtf. Ugh, he's so rude
Irina: Yeah, totally.
Lindsay: Fuck, Karl.
Irina: Yeah, fuck him.
 LOL but honestly, what else would they talk about?
Goddess Kasia serving thinspiration.
 My newest obsession Martha Hunt looking absolutely cute.
 Queen Sky Ferreira
 Jefferson Hack and Tatiana Cotliar, which it still boggles my mind how the hell these two ended up dating each other.
 Alexa Chung showing the peasants how it's really done when it comes to outfits. I'm looking at you, Vanessa Hudgens.
 Glad to see Jamie Bochert somewhere else besides a Marc Jacobs runway show! Totes love this outfit.
 Last but not lease, my boo Pharrell.
Who was your favorite person at Coachella? Favorite ensemble?
Idk, but I'm Hanne Gaby Odiele every time it comes to Coachella outfits. She just oozes style and it never seems contrived, you know what I mean?

I'm With The Band

My god, this editorial starring Arizona Muse, Ton Heukels, and Konan Hanbury is quite amazing. Not only did Cass Bird did a terrific job at capturing that 70s California mood, but the styling by Bay Garnett is on point.
 (my favorite shot)
Lately, she's been one of my favorite photographers and there's something quite modern about her images. This editorial feels modern but there's something nostalgic about it.
Adore the last shot.

I'm With The Band
Photographer: Cass Bird
Models: Arizona Muse with Konan Hanbury & Ton Heukels
Styling: Bay Garnett
Hair: Neil Moodie
Make-Up: Samantha Bryant
Nails: Trish Lomax

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2013 Ad Campaign: Kristen McMenamy by Steven Klein

And it's here! The new advertisement under creative director Alexander Wang starring Kristen McMenamy photographed by Steven Klein.
First and foremost, I hate the new text. It's very reminiscent of Chanel's own text. Nonetheless, I'm sure it's something that I'll eventually grow fond of. As for the campaign, I think it's interesting. There's something quite dark, cinematic, and strong about it. I love the mood it evokes and I think it does a terrific job at highlighting the ensemble, especially the shape which was one of the core things about that collection from Wang. I also think the slight symbolism with Kristen opening the door kind of hints at the label opening a new door, a new chapter, with Alexander Wang and that's a nice touch to this. I hope the rest is just as fantastic and that they do a great job showing off those marble pieces.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Azealia Banks - Yung Rapunxel (Music Video)

While Azealia Banks unfortunately isn't up to her usual antics on Twitter (google it and you'll know what I mean), we still have her new music video for Yung Rapunxel! Idk why I'm barely blogging about this. I've been meaning to make a post but school has been making me it's slave for the past couple of weeks. Let all the idiots ponder about the symbolism in this video lol
I'm the biggest Azealia Banks stan and I totally approve of this video. Not only are the visuals enticing and striking, but Azealia looks so badass and quite fierce. Ugh, and I adore the part where she's riding the mechanical bull.
Gurl, werq.

p.s. I just find it fascinating how people immediately are jumping on the whole "illuminati" bandwagon. To be honest, the peopling making those comments look tacky, ghetto, and immature. I mean, to even think that exists is laughable. It's like thinking Santa Clause exists. LOL.

Wild Nothing - A Dancing Shell (Music Video)

Check out Wild Nothing's sublime video for their single A Dancing Shell. More like "I'm dancing in my room to this", no? ;)
There's something quite nostalgic about this track. I'm getting John Hughes/Talking Heads from this. Also, major kudos to Hayley Akins and Andy Williams for the fascinating animation. Oh, and another major kudos to Eric Shaw for the stunning paintings. Indeed, one of my favorite tracks right now that I'm jamming to.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

From Prada to Princess: Kendra Spears and Prince Rahim are Engaged!

Hold up...HOLD UP! Kendra Spears is marrying a prince? And he's actually quite sexy-looking? Gurl, YASSSSSSSS!
Here are more deets from The Fashion Spot:
Aiglemont, France, 26 April 2013 — His Highness the Aga Khan today announced the engagement of his eldest son, Prince Rahim Aga Khan, to Ms. Kendra Spears of Seattle, Washington, the United States.
The Aga Khan, who is the Spiritual Leader or Imam of the global community of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, said he was delighted to announce the engagement.
Prince Rahim Aga Khan holds a BA from Brown University and an executive management degree from the Navarra Business School in Barcelona, Spain. He is involved in the poverty reduction efforts, notably micro-credit activities, of the Aga Khan Development Network – one of the largest private systems of agencies fostering social, cultural and economic development in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Ms. Spears holds a BA in sociology from the University of Washington in her native Seattle. She has a strong interest in arts and architecture. Ms. Spears has had a highly successful career as a model, working with many of the most prestigious fashion houses.
The couple will be married in a Muslim ceremony. The date of the marriage has not been set yet.
Now, I don't follow Kendra's life 24/7 like I do with Snejana, so I had no idea she was even dating a prince, but I really wonder when they started dating since I never heard anything. I mean, I guess there really is no other way to lure in a rich man/prince unless you're a model, no? I'm talking about you, Lara, Natasha, Naomi, etc mmmhmmm...
But what's the most important thing about this? Well, he's obviously a prince so that means Kendra is gonna be a princess! YASS, werq, honey.
Now, before I bow to goddess/princess Kendra, I have one thing to say:

lol congrats!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celine Paris T-shirt For Sale !!

 Selling this fake Celine t-shirt I bought a while ago (I believe from eBay? I don't remember exactly)
Unfortunately, I don't quite like how it looks on me It's a bit too long and I don't really like how open/wide the neckline is. I like my t-shirts baggy, not too long, with a crewneck. It's in size large and it's listed as 100% cotton.
and yes, it's a fake lol.
It's for sell on Copious page for $40 + $5.35 for shipping. For anymore questions, leave me a comment.

btw here's Riri rocking it.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thank You, Passion Pit

Thank you, Passion Pit, for a such a fantastic concert a couple of weeks ago. They made my night by opening the show with I'll Be Alright.
I would've taken pictures of me and Andreina, btw we both looked so cute, but we both looked like such hot, sweaty messes by the end of the night. You know you had a fabulous time when you're looking like a hot mess at the end from all the dancing.


Andy Cohen is Staring at My Crotch

What's the first thing that happens when I meet Andy Cohen aka my future boo at a book signing at Barnes and Noble at The Grove? He stares at my crotch! Ugh, he sure knows how to make a gurl blush. Teehee.
Btw, this was two weeks ago (I think?). I've been so bad at updating. Anyway, I had this whole plan of giving him my number but of course I chickened out. Ugh, I just didn't have the guts to do it, okay? Maybe with a couple of shots I would've been able to pull it off, but NO...I didn't want to make things awkward. Sigh, I kind of regretted afterwards about NOT doing it. Like, if I would've done it, it would've been spontaneous, memorable, and fun. Lol. Whatever. 
I did, however, say something quite hilarious, hunty.
Me: Andy, I'm wearing She by Sheree.
Andy: Omg, I'm wearing He by Sheree
*audience laughs*
After that, Jessica and I headed to Coffee Bean for a quick snack.
(Outfit: ASOS Hawaiian printed flats. Gap skinny jeans. American Apparel t-shirt. Thrifted jacket. Windsor satchel)
Let's hope my next encounter with Andy is more memorable next time and by memorable I mean lots of makeout sessions.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gap's New Look (Gap Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook)

Welcome to Gap's new and improved look.

(photos from Fashionista.com)
You know, I was a bit disappointed that the label sacked Patrick Robinson. Nonetheless, there's no denying that the label has great things for the future. Rebekka Bay is the new creative director and helped find the label Cos. Her designs won't start appearing until Spring 2004, but she did have an influence over this lookbook by styling it and having a hand on how it was presented. If this is just her influence, imagine what her actual pieces will look like? I'm salivating over all of this. It indeed has a Cos and Celine feel to it, imo. I think it's fantastic how they incorporated the idea of color blocking. Most of all, the styling is tremendously executed well here. Thank god I work for Gap so that way I can put my discount to good use! Haha. Key pieces for me would be that color blocking coat (Celine F/W 2012, anyone?), the pants in blue with the white stripes on the side (reminiscent of some trendy Rag & Bone jeans at the moment), the triple-colored turtleneck, and a fabulous peacoat. Here's the rest and my favorite looks from the lookbook:

Finally, MGMT Releases New Music!

New music! Totally digging this. It's very reminiscent of their stuff from Congratulations, no?


New Empire of the Sun! (Alive)

I present you, my friends, the newest single from Empire of the Sun. I think I'm gonna cry ~tears~
Loving every minute 'cause you make me feel so alive..

Daft Punk - Get Lucky feat. Pharrell and Nile Rodgers

It's finally here!
Cheers to all of us having a mini dance party in our rooms!

San Francisco Diary

I have finally found time to compile all the fab photos from my mini spring break trip to San Francisco from about three weeks ago. The girls and I started planning on going there for about a month prior to the trip and I'm so glad all our schedules somehow managed to allow all of us to bond and actually have our plans come into fruition.
There's nothing like traveling with good ol' friends, seriously. I went to SF with my dear friends Jessica, Andreina, and Marilyn who I have all known since high school. Katie, one of my best friends, was intended to come as well but unfortunately couldn't make it. Sigh, but there's always next time! Anyway, so we rented a car for the trip and let me tell you, our car was a fiery red, Volkswagen car. I mean, that car was eye candy. The trip consisted of dirty jokes, A$AP Rocky and Diplo music, and flawless one-liners. 
Pictures galore below!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hedi Slimane SPOTTED at Coachella!!

Ly: DUUUDE, you won't believe who I just ran into?
Me: OMG Hanne and Kasia? I HATE YOU!
Ly: Even better...HEDI!
Me: ~faints~
Yup, my friend Ly spotted my god, Hedi Slimane, and sent me these pics to salivate over. I'm dying of jealousy, you guys!
 Awe, he even has his camera above, of course!
Unfortunately, Ly wasn't able to get a good face pic at all, but at least he tried! He told me that while he saw Hedi, he decided to go behind him and take pics and all. He was surprised because he missed the Thee Oh Sees show and we both thought that was the best place to catch Hedi, but surprisingly in the midst of walking to another show he found god in a sea of peasants. So when Ly was taking the pics, some woman, which you can see above with the white fedora, went up to Hedi and told him something. Then, Hedi turned around and seemed paranoid and looking for someone. Ly came to the conclusion that she saw him taking pics of Hedi and most likely is his assistant and notified him of what was happening. After Hedi looked paranoid, both him and his alleged assistant ran off "like bunnies". Sigh..
but whatever, at least my friend got pictures! My dream is to one day run into him and tell him how much of an inspiration he is. I'll keep on dreaming ~tears~

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Phoenix & R. Kelly at Coachella!!

This was SO random yet a really enjoyed it. But seriously, initially I was like WTF.
(Photo from ONTD)
Oh, can someone PUHlease yell at Phoenix? Their whole set consisted of songs from Wolfgang and Bankrupt! I wanted some diversity, dammit! Especially If I Ever Feel Better. That's my jam. Here's the video for those that missed the livestream.


Saint Laurent Music Project 2013 : Daft Punk by Hedi Slimane

OMG, as if those Courtney, Ariel, and Kim shots for the Music Project ads weren't badass, now comes Daft Punk photographed by Hedi Slimane which takes things to a completely different level. I'm blown away, really.
Hedi Slimane is a god. PUHlease keep doing what you're doing, Hedi. Each advertisement is better than the one before, imo. Here's more information from Saint Laurent's Facebook:


Now, incase you live under a rock, Daft Punk premiered a little clip at Coachella about the upcoming album featuring Nile Rodgers and Pharrell! It also confirmed the collaborations on the album, which includes Panda Bear, Julian Casablancas, and Todd Edwards.
My god, and they're all in Saint Laurent. This is too good.
Now, let's hope the rumors about the single dropping tomorrow are true.

Preview of New Daft Punk song "Lose Yourself to Dance" feat. Pharrell

OMG. Another preview during SNL yesterday. I don't know about you, but this track feels perfect for the Summer, no? I'm hyperventilating at how amazing this is. Heck, I possibly like it more than "Get Lucky"!
I can already envision myself driving with my convertible car and being a flawless bitch. YASSSS.

Queen Paris Hilton at Coachella 2013

Paris Hilton and her assistant River Viiperi have finally been spotted at Coachella!! Outfit post, anyone?
 Gurl, WTF are you thinking with that bag? And those flats? Let me guess, they're all from your line, hmm? Ugh. Like, she can afford almost any bag and shoes and she opts with those? I'm all for fronting your products out there in the open/advertising but at Coachella? Gurl, no. I would've opted for a nice mini Gucci bag that's all one color that are all over the Net-a-Porter site and some nice sandals. Anyway, Nicky is there too!
Nicky wins that round. LOVE her Missoni (?) ensemble with that Valentino bag. Perfection. Here's Paris below on Saturday.
Awe, River looks cute! That was sweet of her to dress him so nice They're so cute together (barf)! Sigh. and Nicky wins round dos. I can't with that grotesque bag. It's like trying to be all Gucci/LV with the it's faux monogram, but it ends being way more trashier. It's not even as tacky as those Coach bags. Those Coach bags are probably ashamed at how Paris' bag almost resembles them. The poor man's Coach, if you will.
Anyways, that's hot.

P.S. I still don't buy this whole relationship. It was evident that River was dating that one model according to those kissing photos Instagram (was it Sara Sampaio? Idk) and then POOF, the instagram disappears and then he's randomly with Paris. I know what you're up to, River's management team. lol.