Sunday, April 28, 2013

Azealia Banks - Yung Rapunxel (Music Video)

While Azealia Banks unfortunately isn't up to her usual antics on Twitter (google it and you'll know what I mean), we still have her new music video for Yung Rapunxel! Idk why I'm barely blogging about this. I've been meaning to make a post but school has been making me it's slave for the past couple of weeks. Let all the idiots ponder about the symbolism in this video lol
I'm the biggest Azealia Banks stan and I totally approve of this video. Not only are the visuals enticing and striking, but Azealia looks so badass and quite fierce. Ugh, and I adore the part where she's riding the mechanical bull.
Gurl, werq.

p.s. I just find it fascinating how people immediately are jumping on the whole "illuminati" bandwagon. To be honest, the peopling making those comments look tacky, ghetto, and immature. I mean, to even think that exists is laughable. It's like thinking Santa Clause exists. LOL.

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