Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2013 Ad Campaign: Kristen McMenamy by Steven Klein

And it's here! The new advertisement under creative director Alexander Wang starring Kristen McMenamy photographed by Steven Klein.
First and foremost, I hate the new text. It's very reminiscent of Chanel's own text. Nonetheless, I'm sure it's something that I'll eventually grow fond of. As for the campaign, I think it's interesting. There's something quite dark, cinematic, and strong about it. I love the mood it evokes and I think it does a terrific job at highlighting the ensemble, especially the shape which was one of the core things about that collection from Wang. I also think the slight symbolism with Kristen opening the door kind of hints at the label opening a new door, a new chapter, with Alexander Wang and that's a nice touch to this. I hope the rest is just as fantastic and that they do a great job showing off those marble pieces.

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