Thursday, April 4, 2013

Charlie is Leaving Girls. FML.

OMG I'm a fucking hot mess over here. Charlie aka Christopher Abbott aka my boo is leaving Girls. Ay dios mio.
From Rolling Stone:
Christopher Abbott, who plays Charlie Dattolo, the love interest of Allison Williams' character Marnie Michaels on HBO's Girls, has left the show as it begins production on its third season, the New York Post reports. Abbott seemed well-positioned for a strong third season, after his character had finally reconciled with Marnie in the Girls Season Two finale last month. But a source said Abbott and series star and creator Lena Dunham were at odds with each other and that the actor "didn't like the directions things are going in."
Sighhhhhhh. Like, I like Adam and he has that ugly-hot thing going for him and Ray is, well uhh, Ray, so who's supposed to play the hot man of my dreams on that show? Maybe, just maybe, they'll bring back Patrick Wilson and make him a main character??! A girl can dream, no? (Okay, I'm joking but dammit, Patrick needed another episode! That man is my boo). I also was reading Entertainment Weekly, I believe, and they were suggesting possibly giving Charlie the boot by including a plot line where he moves to Silicon Valley because his app really took off. It seems the most plausible thing to happen, no? They also mentioned that Charlie realized that Marnie was just using him for his money and is completely done trying to repair that bleak relationship. Omg, can we take a minute to talk about how she just wanted him back because he became rich? Ugh.
Not gonna lie though, I'm not thrilled with the direction the show is going. It was more bleak and dark this season compared to last season, imo. Lena, you better make season 3 as flawless as season 1. I know I'm not the only one that is thinking this.

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