Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gap's New Look (Gap Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook)

Welcome to Gap's new and improved look.

(photos from Fashionista.com)
You know, I was a bit disappointed that the label sacked Patrick Robinson. Nonetheless, there's no denying that the label has great things for the future. Rebekka Bay is the new creative director and helped find the label Cos. Her designs won't start appearing until Spring 2004, but she did have an influence over this lookbook by styling it and having a hand on how it was presented. If this is just her influence, imagine what her actual pieces will look like? I'm salivating over all of this. It indeed has a Cos and Celine feel to it, imo. I think it's fantastic how they incorporated the idea of color blocking. Most of all, the styling is tremendously executed well here. Thank god I work for Gap so that way I can put my discount to good use! Haha. Key pieces for me would be that color blocking coat (Celine F/W 2012, anyone?), the pants in blue with the white stripes on the side (reminiscent of some trendy Rag & Bone jeans at the moment), the triple-colored turtleneck, and a fabulous peacoat. Here's the rest and my favorite looks from the lookbook:

What are your favorite looks/pieces?


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