Monday, April 8, 2013

Goddess Raquel Zimmerman at Burning Man

This flawless set of images of Goddess Raquel at Burning Man photographed by Darren Keith landed on my computer screen about a week ago and I can't stop looking at them.
Let me tell you a little something about myself: I don't know when it developed, but I've always wanted to visit Burning Man. I just want to go there, have this sort of peaceful, tranquil moment that's cathartic and that consists of just music, art, smoking, and having a blast with random, new friends. You know what I mean? There's something so alluring about just enjoying music and art in the middle of nowhere in the desert. With these set of images, this love for Burning Man is making me want to go even more now. Let's now forget how rad Raquel looks! I'm not sure who styled it or whether Raquel styled herself, but everything is working so well with each other. I love the fantastic prints that give off a psychedelic vibe and Raquel looks badass in every shot. Here's the rest of the flawless editorial:

That body! Gurl, werq! 
This also reminds me that anybody who is anybody is going to be at Coachella this upcoming weekend in Indio. Sigh, I'm totally jealous.

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