Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hanne Gaby Odiele at Coachella + Other Flawless People

The flawless girl at Coachella award goes to.......Hanne Gaby Odiele! Like, duh!
Poor Alana though. I'm sure those Jimmy Choo loafers got FUCKED UP. Eeeek.
 Queen Andrej Pejic
Alessandra Ambosio's summery dress is styled perfectly with those suede pieces.
Can we have a poll to encourage Behati to dye her hair lavender? Homegurl looks fantastic with it! Idk, her whole outfit just looks so much more cooler with that hair color.
Lindsay: Dude, so uhh have you talked to Karl? I haven't been to one of his shows since 2007
Irina: Nah, I haven't been casted in one of his shows since 2008!
Lindsay: Oh, wtf. Ugh, he's so rude
Irina: Yeah, totally.
Lindsay: Fuck, Karl.
Irina: Yeah, fuck him.
 LOL but honestly, what else would they talk about?
Goddess Kasia serving thinspiration.
 My newest obsession Martha Hunt looking absolutely cute.
 Queen Sky Ferreira
 Jefferson Hack and Tatiana Cotliar, which it still boggles my mind how the hell these two ended up dating each other.
 Alexa Chung showing the peasants how it's really done when it comes to outfits. I'm looking at you, Vanessa Hudgens.
 Glad to see Jamie Bochert somewhere else besides a Marc Jacobs runway show! Totes love this outfit.
 Last but not lease, my boo Pharrell.
Who was your favorite person at Coachella? Favorite ensemble?
Idk, but I'm Hanne Gaby Odiele every time it comes to Coachella outfits. She just oozes style and it never seems contrived, you know what I mean?

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