Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hedi Slimane SPOTTED at Coachella!!

Ly: DUUUDE, you won't believe who I just ran into?
Me: OMG Hanne and Kasia? I HATE YOU!
Ly: Even better...HEDI!
Me: ~faints~
Yup, my friend Ly spotted my god, Hedi Slimane, and sent me these pics to salivate over. I'm dying of jealousy, you guys!
 Awe, he even has his camera above, of course!
Unfortunately, Ly wasn't able to get a good face pic at all, but at least he tried! He told me that while he saw Hedi, he decided to go behind him and take pics and all. He was surprised because he missed the Thee Oh Sees show and we both thought that was the best place to catch Hedi, but surprisingly in the midst of walking to another show he found god in a sea of peasants. So when Ly was taking the pics, some woman, which you can see above with the white fedora, went up to Hedi and told him something. Then, Hedi turned around and seemed paranoid and looking for someone. Ly came to the conclusion that she saw him taking pics of Hedi and most likely is his assistant and notified him of what was happening. After Hedi looked paranoid, both him and his alleged assistant ran off "like bunnies". Sigh..
but whatever, at least my friend got pictures! My dream is to one day run into him and tell him how much of an inspiration he is. I'll keep on dreaming ~tears~

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George said...

Gosh your friend is soooo lucky !!! I wish I could see him someday at least !! Fortunately It was your friend and not me, because if I were him I would jump over him lol