Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Boo Andy Cohen Shirtless.

A big, fat thank you to Michael K over at Dlisted for posting these snaps of my boo Andy Cohen getting his tan on while in Miami. I'm living for these photos. Fap fap material right here, no? Teehee.
You're probably going "omg, but Andy is sooo annoying" but whatever because I find Andy Cohen so hot. Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit it! I so went there! I can't help it if I find older guys hot, geeeez. He's not like super fit, but he's not fat. Idk, I kind of *shame* like guys with his body type *gulp*. Ugh, I thought I was the only one among my friends to feel this way but my friend Andreina yesterday was talking about guys she's talking to and she mentioned how she likes guy that aren't fit but aren't fat. Like, in the middle....normal, actually, with something to grab on. Haha. Plus, Andy has chest hair and chest hair makes me weak in the knees, gurl. Anyways, here are more images to make a gurl swoon:
Two words: Ooh, daddy.
P.S. It's so strange that I was talking about Andy with Andreina yesterday and then I find out through Facebook that he's signing his book this Friday at the Grove. You know my ass immediately called my homegurl Jessica and told her we have to go this Friday to meet him and have a gossip sesh about the housewives. I also told her I have this plan of maybe, just maybe, giving him my number. Ugh, you never know what could happen! LOL.

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