Sunday, April 14, 2013

Queen Paris Hilton at Coachella 2013

Paris Hilton and her assistant River Viiperi have finally been spotted at Coachella!! Outfit post, anyone?
 Gurl, WTF are you thinking with that bag? And those flats? Let me guess, they're all from your line, hmm? Ugh. Like, she can afford almost any bag and shoes and she opts with those? I'm all for fronting your products out there in the open/advertising but at Coachella? Gurl, no. I would've opted for a nice mini Gucci bag that's all one color that are all over the Net-a-Porter site and some nice sandals. Anyway, Nicky is there too!
Nicky wins that round. LOVE her Missoni (?) ensemble with that Valentino bag. Perfection. Here's Paris below on Saturday.
Awe, River looks cute! That was sweet of her to dress him so nice They're so cute together (barf)! Sigh. and Nicky wins round dos. I can't with that grotesque bag. It's like trying to be all Gucci/LV with the it's faux monogram, but it ends being way more trashier. It's not even as tacky as those Coach bags. Those Coach bags are probably ashamed at how Paris' bag almost resembles them. The poor man's Coach, if you will.
Anyways, that's hot.

P.S. I still don't buy this whole relationship. It was evident that River was dating that one model according to those kissing photos Instagram (was it Sara Sampaio? Idk) and then POOF, the instagram disappears and then he's randomly with Paris. I know what you're up to, River's management team. lol.

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