Tuesday, April 23, 2013

San Francisco Diary

I have finally found time to compile all the fab photos from my mini spring break trip to San Francisco from about three weeks ago. The girls and I started planning on going there for about a month prior to the trip and I'm so glad all our schedules somehow managed to allow all of us to bond and actually have our plans come into fruition.
There's nothing like traveling with good ol' friends, seriously. I went to SF with my dear friends Jessica, Andreina, and Marilyn who I have all known since high school. Katie, one of my best friends, was intended to come as well but unfortunately couldn't make it. Sigh, but there's always next time! Anyway, so we rented a car for the trip and let me tell you, our car was a fiery red, Volkswagen car. I mean, that car was eye candy. The trip consisted of dirty jokes, A$AP Rocky and Diplo music, and flawless one-liners. 
Pictures galore below!

In the middle of nowhere I found this:
Basic foods for basic bitches, anyone?
Once we got to our hotel, we all freshened up and I decided to change my outfit and makeup.
(Outfit of the Day: Aldo shoes, Gap skinny jeans, striped t-shirt, Gap denim jacket w/pins, Rayban wayfarers, gray beanie, and Alexander Wang brenda camera bag)
After getting ready, we decided to head out to San Fran and do some exploring. Marilyn and Andreina have been there before so they led the way. Fortunately, we parked along some park that's across the street from the house from the show Full House lol. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, where are you?
(derp face)
We ended up walking for quite some time and randomly found some location that leads into some forest-looking/hiking location. It reminded me of some place Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast went to while in SF and took pictures there and so I immediately wanted to check out the location.
I found some of San Francisco's finest prostitutes! Jk.
We ended up walking to Haight Street for a little sightseeing, menseeing, and some window shopping. OOH, let me tell you about the guys...hot guys galore! I mean, if you're into white, hipster guys with beards, the you're in luck, gurl. To be honest, it's as if Melrose and Venice had a love child and Haight Street was the result of that. It was very cool, fun, and just.....lively. I loved it! I immediately tried locating the Wasteland there and went there with some sort of idea that I would leave with a fantastic, vintage find but alas I couldn't find anything. Then again, that's Wasteland for yah. It's hit or miss. At the time, I was in dire need of a motorcycle jacket and I found a couple of flawless jackets there but unfortunately they were too out of my budget. I also found a gorgeous pair of Doc Martens in a metallic pewter material at a cool shoe store down the street from Wasteland but once again those too expensive for me. Seriously, I don't even know why I went with such a small budget. What kind of a fierce-diva-bitch lifestyle is this? Sigh.
After walking a bit, it immediately started raining a bit harsh and we ended up walking in the annoying, cold rain. Oh, did I mention that we forgot where we parked? We finally found the car after about 30 minutes of walking. I was also bitching about my bag being affected since it's leather and red. Oooh lordy, not a fun time. We then started driving around and we decided to head to some nearby restaurant, but my fucking god it was packed! After some negotiating between the gals and I, we decided to pick up some dope fast food and pig out at the hotel instead. Seriously, that was the best thing we could've done. I was so not in the mood for walking and my outfit was not appropriate for the weather. 
(Shine bright like a diamond!)
Day numero dos! This day consisted of me driving. My god, never EVER let me drive up hills again! I have an aversion to driving in places I've never driven around before. Shopping in Union Square and China Town was worth driving, imo lol.
China Town!!
(Outfit of the day: Urban Outfitters sneakers, vintage oversized shorts, Dior Homme belt, thrifted sweater, Michael Kors rose gold watch, Coach vintage leather backpack, and Rayban wayfarers)
(Selfies with Jess)
China Town was one of my favorite locations in San Francisco. Just as equally fantastic as Los Angeles' own China Town. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try a restaurant around there. There's always next time!
After going downtown, we then headed to see the Golden Gate Bridge.
(peace, gurl)
Me and Jessica kept cracking up throughout the whole time there. She reminded me about that episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey where Teresa goes to the Golden Gate Bridge and is skeptical about the bridge not being golden LOL. While walking along the bridge, my friend Marilyn spotted this writing in blue along the side of the bridge that said "Hope Is There. Do Not Jump".
That's quite nice, no? After that, we drove to Lombard street to see that quintessential San Francisco winding road. 
I'm not kidding, after being there for about 30 minutes, a car drove down the road while playing the Full House theme song. I couldn't help but cringe and hysterically laugh.
(cute little neighborhood) 
The houses/buildings around there were to die for! Honestly, if I could live anywhere in San Francisco, it would be around this area. Awe, I'm so not going to forget our little inside joke about Finn, some British kid that was being constantly nagged by his mother. Haha.
After that, the girls and I headed to Coit tower another round of sight seeing.
It's time to werq, hunty.
It kind of looks like I have a camel toe below, no? Teehee.
Awe, love these photos of us below!
After Coit Tower, we headed back to Union Square to do a little bit more shopping. Where did I go? Uniqlo, duh!
Obsessed with how fabulous the Uniqlo in SF is. Can we take a minute to appreciate how fierce the rainbow stairs are?
I ended up buying a faux leather motorcycle jacket in black that was on sale for $40! I mean, I couldn't leave it behind. I also left with an Andy Warhol art printed t-shirt, which was cute as well. After such a long day, the girls and I repeated yesterday's dinner plans and took food to the hotel and laughed the night away.
Unfortunately, I didn't take a OOTD image of my last outfit there. It was SO cute and SO Saint Laurent F/W 2013 mens! Ugh, FML. On our last day, we headed out to San Francisco State University to just have an idea of the location of the campus and the area. Unfortunately, due to the Cesar Chavez holiday, the campus was closed. I also had intended for my friend Lissette, who's an old friend since elementary school, to give us a tour but unfortunately she was at a baseball game instead. After driving around the campus, we went to a mall that was literally down the street to pass time. After that, we went to Daiso, which is the Japanese version of the 99 Cents Store but way more kawaii. Seriously, I felt like a hoarder there. I ended up paying $10 but left with so many things. After that, we just drove off to head back to Los Angeles. With a playlist full of Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Toro Y Moi, and The Smiths, I didn't mind being stuck in the car for countless of hours. To be honest, there was something so relaxing about blasting classic house and alternative tracks while seeing this out the window.
At one point, I started panicking 'cause I spotted a Sonic from afar. Being a fat kid trapped inside of a skinny, fierce body, I had no choice but to overreact and try something there.
We finally made it back home around 10 pm. No traffic and no issues. Perfection.
Now, I can't wait for the summer. Andreina and I can't wait for Lollapalooza in Chicago. I honestly though would love to take another road trip with my gurls. Maybe Vegas next year? Maybe Palm Springs? Everybody loves a road trip, don't you? ;)

thanks to Jessica and Marilyn for allowing me to use their pictures!

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