Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's Take a Vacation with Arizona Muse!

Let's pretend that we're actually at this location with Arizona Muse, in this fabulous editorial titled Girl-Bud for the Vogue Russia May 2013 issue, forgetting about baby daddy drama (right, Arizona? lol) and werqing Christian Dior and Kenzo pieces! Seriously, if I could be anywhere right now, besides Hawaii for vacation, this is the place! This is IT!
Oh, just Arizona on the beach trying to steal yo' man with her impeccable body.
Arizona taking a brief minute to think about how fucking amazing her vacation is right now...
That divine background...
This shot below is one of my favorites in this set of images. The cat-eye glasses is styled perfectly with that dress that has such a fantastic spring/summer print. Don't even get me started on how the the stunning lavender flowers add a charming touch to the image. Tom Craig captured Arizona relaxing, looking, impeccable, and showcasing the beauty of nature in the background and that all makes me want to be there having a fantastic vacation. Sigh.
Ugh, if you're not jealous of this below, then you're clearly not normal...
And that's that. Now, let's get back to reality.

Vogue Russia May 2013
Editorial: Girl-Bud
Model: Arizona Muse
Photographer: Tom Craig

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