Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Spent last Thursday with a couple of good (and a new! :D) friends at the Americana at Brand. Love having those days where you just grab a bite, stroll around, and gossip with the girls.
(OOTD: The usual vintage shorts I've been practically living in. Dior Homme double-wrap belt. Flying Lotus concert t-shirt. Rose-gold bangle. Michael Kors rose-gold watch. Alexander Wang brenda camera bag. Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses)
All my friends are immediately astonished whenever I tell them I've never been to Portos Bakery & Cafe, which is located in Glendale and not too far from the Americana at Brand. It's one of those places where you just have to go, especially if you live in Southern California. Everyone I know loves it and it's constantly busy. Unfortunately, I'm not part of that cool crowd and have never been there. So, while there to shop (spoiler: we didn't really shop that much lol), we decided to walk a couple of blocks and go there to grab a bite and take my Portos virginity. I had previously grabbed an ice-blended mocha/vanilla drink from Coffee Bean prior to heading there, so a pastry was obviously out of the question. I opted for an actual, decent lunch. I ended up getting a chicken sandwich that came along with some banana chips, which I had no idea that was even a thing! lol
 The sandwich was quite good, but I wasn't salivating for more. One of my coworker always recommends getting their pastries or their potato balls, if I remember correctly, but I opted for a sandwich 'cause that's how I roll. Duh.
Not, but really, I'm getting a pastry next time, like a slice of cake 'cause lord knows I love me some cake. Seriously, cake is the way to my heart. Wtf was I thinking going for sandwich lol.
Anyway, after that we took a stroll and walked back to the Americana to use their bathrooms and take selfies, of course.
We then started to take on tourist identities and act like your typical tourist: take pictures in front of the water fountain! ;)
We then did a quick shopping trip to Urban Outfitters that ended with the purchasing of short shorts, more shorts, and more fucking shorts.
Don't you hate those moments when you try to be a good boy and not spend money on useless things you'll probably not use/or wear yet your friends are throwing their cash on good deals? Ugh, that feeling is the worse. At least I was able to abstain from caving in to my materialistic values haha.
Now, I can't wait to hangout with a couple of friends this upcoming weekend. I've been so busy these past two weeks, which consists of me working two jobs. I have to work this week and attend two graduations and then make a quick trip to school for advisement. I'm officially a busy gurl, y'all.


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