Friday, June 21, 2013

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014: Writers and Painters

The theme this season for Burberry was "Writers and Painters". The writer and painter that Christopher Bailey had in mind were Alan Bennet and David Hockney. Effortlessly, Bailey incorporated sartorial choices from each person within the collection. Hockney's love for primary colors, fun eyewear, and vibrant footwear was evident here. Bennet's tie choices made there way in this as well. Interestingly, they're both from Yorkshire as is Christopher Bailey. The collection stayed true to it's British heritage, as it usually is. It indeed felt more relaxed and fun. The accessories are key to this successful collection, in my opinion. The vibrant footwear can easily make or break an outfit. You could flawlessly style them with a simple, monochromatic outfit and transition that outfit from stale to superb. Plus, who doesn't love the color choices Bailey chose? The eyewear is fantastic as well. I have an adoration for kooky, fun eyewear. The only thing I'm debating on is whether to splurge on the neon yellow or the blue ones once next Spring arrives. There are also the subtle details take this collection to another level, like those cute daisy brooches. You can barely see them, but they're so cute and add a charming touch to those chic suits. The use of color was indeed executed successfully and sublimely. Color-blocking has been a hot trend for a couple of seasons now and in true Bailey fashion he gave it that British touch and made it fresh and not one-note. While a part of me feels it's feeling too close to what Prada did last season with color-blocking, I think Bailey did a splendid job nonetheless.
If you find a HQ photo of this, you'll be able to tell the print consists of daisies. It's pretty rad.
But seriously, the eyewear is so badass.
 I love the daisy pins.
 Another fabulous collection by Christopher Bailey!

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