Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Calvin Klein Collection Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear: Celebrating Summer

Milan Fashion Week is here and first up is Calvin Klein! My god, I'm salivating at how gorgeous this collection is. From the lovely shades of blues to those printed tops showcasing lovely images of the sky and sunsets to the cool biker vests showcased, this collection in essence was a celebration of summer and it couldn't be any better. I immediately responded to the color palette. I'm a huge fan of blue and I love that Italo included an array of lovely shades of blues. The printed tops were marvelous! Even though they slightly remind me of something Raf did recently, they're utterly perfect. The images easily celebrate the beauty of summer, imo. Beautiful blue skies and divine sunsets...that's honestly what summer is about. Now, summer is also about the body. Italo showcased looks with bare arms with buttery soft leather vests and tank tops styled with some fantastic eyewear. Italo's aesthetic, imo, is all about clean, subtle futuristic touches, fantastic sportswear with an emphasis on fabric research. This collection was no exception. The prints seemed quite new and they worked for him in the end. Watch, they're going to be some of the most covetable pieces next Spring/Summer. Count me in!
Favorite looks:
Here are some fabulous detail shots:
A+ for the beauty looks as well. Clean, perfect hair and minimal, natural makeup.


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