Monday, June 3, 2013

Disclosure's "Settle" Album

Yup, I'm officially addicted to these guys! Their debut album "Settle" is perfection. Bliss, love, everything!
First, if you haven't streamed the album yet, then head over to the to having a little dance party wherever you're located at. I initially discovered about the duo, which consists of Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence, when their song "White Noise" blasted while the models sashayed on the runway during the Stella McCartney F/W 2013 runway show. I was initially hooked and couldn't even stop moving my head along to the the sick beat. I love the mix of garage, house, and 90s dance throughout the album. Here's the fabulous music video featuring vocals by Aluna George.

Then, Diplo featured the song in his 98-song summer playlist, which then lead me to discovering all their other fantastic work, like "You & Me", which is one of my favorite songs off the album. The music video below is absolutely perfect, which doesn't help that I'm already feeling sad for not traveling this summer lol.

Sidenote: Can I be as flawless as the girl in the video? Ugh, her style is impeccable, imo.
Now, let's get onto "Latch". My GOD, this song is so catchy and I couldn't stop singing it today on the way back home. Oh, and can I puhlease find a hottie like the guy in the elevator, thankyouverymuch!

Love "When A Fire Starts To Burn" too! Such a major dance hit.

I'm praying to baby jesus that there's somehow a music video for "Defeated No More". Plus, my future boo Ed Macfarlane is featured in that song and god knows I'll obsess over anything he sings on. Besides the singles, "Defeated No More", "Confess To Me ft. Jessie Ware", "Grab Her", and "January" are my other favorite jams. One of the best albums of the season? You betcha. Disclosure's "Settle" if officially available since yesterday. Highly recommend you to get this if you're totally into artists like SBTRKT.
As for me, I need to head to Amoeba Records ASAP to purchase. I'm a physical-copy kind of gal.

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