Thursday, June 20, 2013

From Little Tokyo to Chinatown

Sometimes driving around all over Los Angeles can get quite tiresome. Also, it doesn't really allow me to fully appreciate what Los Angeles has to offer. What I, along with a couple of friends of mine, decided to do two weeks ago was ride the Metro bus to LA and then take the gold line train to Little Tokyo and Chinatown for a splendid time.
(Gray beanie. The Rolling Stones band t-shirt purchased at some street vendor in downtown LA. Gap Always Skinny black jeans. Gap mens navy blue cardigan. Alexander Wang brenda camera bag. Ray-Ban gold-frame aviators.)
My friend Andreina planned this little mini-trip. She was in dire need of some decorations for her mother's upcoming birthday party and thought those rad lanterns showcased all over Chinatown would make great props for the fiesta.
I've only been on both the Metro bus and subway like once or twice in my life, which consisted of just going in them and not paying at all. Yes, it was during a time of rebellion and liberation lol. No, but honestly, it was only a mere $6 to travel all day. $6? Seems quite nice, if you ask me. We went first to Little Tokyo to just check it out. I was mostly excited about going there just to check out the beauty offerings they had. I've done my fair share of googling Little Tokyo compared to my traveling companions that day, but I was really interested in checking out the BB creams and lighting creams the area had to offer. It must be noted that BB creams from Asia are it. I've only tried American BB creams, but I really want to try an Asian BB cream just to see what the rage is all about. After some considerations and being overwhelmed by everything, I ended up just window shopping and strolling along the streets. After around 40 minutes there, we headed to Chinatown, a place that's dear to my heart and far too familiar to me.
We ended up going to this once specific restaurant for lunch. They take pride in Rush Hour being filmed there, so they literally have it written outside of their restaurant.
Guuurl, puhlease. lol. It's sad yet funny how I've been going to this restaurant all my life with my family and I still till this day don't have the name of this place memorized. You know those restaurants where if you go somewhere and you're not satisfied with the food, you keep going to that one special, family place that you know you're way around the menu? Yup, that's me with this restaurant. Ever since my family moved from Mexico, my family has been coming here for many, many years to enjoy the delectable dishes this place has to offer. It's become one of our family spots.
Anyway, after lunch, we then looked around at more cute things. After around an hour of walking and shopping, we headed back home and went back to one of my friend's house for a little rest stop that consisted of sodas and cutting up denim. Overall, it was a fantastic day that allowed us to enjoy the festive cultures that Los Angeles has to offer while soaking up the sunny, Cali sun.

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