Sunday, June 23, 2013

J.W Anderson Spring/Summer 2013 Menswear

While this isn't my favorite menswear collection from J.W. Anderson per se, I love the he continues to push forward the cliche notion of what menswear is. He's continually pushing the boundaries by breaking gender stereotypes in terms of clothing and playing with structure and silhouettes. The sleeveless top-long trouser silhouette was fantastic. This collection came off more avant garde than usual, but there are definitely some undeniably gorgeous pieces here I'd love to get my hands on. Those structured vests at the end, particularly the red one, have such amazing cuts to them. They seem fresh. The earlier sheer tops with the circle-designs look superb and light as a feather. I love the sheer fabric accompanied with such a lovely, simple design. The halter tops appear the most feminine, but they just seem right. With Jonathan Anderson breaking the boundaries and showing that menswear and womenswear can indeed have a gray zone, I hope designers in the future can learn to not be afraid to play around considering it's such an artistic field.

p.s. UGH at all the queens on The Fashion Spot attacking this. Then again, they'd rather see some Zegna suit in 20 colors and call it "fresh".

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