Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Saint Laurent Will Be The Death of Me

Someone on some fashion facebook group I follow mentioned that the SLP Fall/Winter 2013 collections finally hit the Luisa Via Roma website and holy fucking cow.....the distressed, chain jeans I want are...wait for it.....$2190! FML.
Ugh...seriously, like even at the rate I'm working, I highly doubt I'll be able to afford them. They would be have to be like 70% for my ass to even consider purchasing them. Why must I live in such a cruel world. Here they are on Reuben Ramacher a.k.a. my current thinspiration muse sashaying in them during the runway show.

FML is a understatement.
Oh, and remember that stunning star printed cardigan that Edie Campbell wore in the runway show? Well, it's absurdly expensive as well, but they offer a scarf version of it for $545, which lbr it's not like I can even afford that but at least it's plausible!
Better start working hard for that money, honey.
Is twerking a profession? Let me know.

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