Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dsqaured2 Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear: Bronzed Boys and Tropical Realness

Dean and Dan Caten both outdid themselves this season with a caliente show full of beach, bronzed men serving some hawaiian realness. I'm getting a very Lord of the Flies vibe from this, but obviously with hot men and an impeccable wardrobe thats' full of fun, ultra-chic pieces in fantastic prints and tropical colors. While a lot of it did remain quite simple, I thought the styling and details were divine. For example, the Tiki embellishments on a few tops were vibrant and fun. I honestly think both Catens were some of the only designers this season that were able to translate the floral/Hawaiian trend flawlessly into ideal summery pieces that would look breathtaking on a fabulous beach in Miami or Hawaii. The designers are known to take themes and elevate those themes by literally implying them with their runway sets. Campy? Yes, but it's refreshing when so many labels are practically dead when it comes to their shows. While many designers have an issue by creating sets that might appear a tad bit gimmicky, Dean and Dan created a set that was overall a knockout. It sublimely complimented the clothes and made me dream of wearing those impeccable colorful swim trunks or Benjamin Eidem's dapper and chic ensemble in a hot, tropical, divine location. That's the thing about fashion, it has the ability to allow you to dream and escape. Pieces of clothing have the ability to allow you to escape from the tumultuousness of reality. This collection and show undeniably provides that. I might not have the option of celebrating summer in a fantastic location like Ibiza or Hawaii (a girl can definitely dream), but these clothes provide an escape and that's what a brilliant designer and label is capable of. Bravo, Dean and Dan. Seriously.
The opening look immediately set up the runway show: Bronzed, Island-stranded boys and a hot wardrobe.
This look is a bit too much, but I'm not even going to lie...I think it's pretty cute! It's fun! Werq that skirt!
And thank you very much, Dean and Dan, for giving us eye-candy.
These are some of my favorite details:

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