Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm Just Trying To Be Cool

First and foremost, have you seen Phoenix's new music video, in collaboration with the Creators Project and Spanish video directors Canada, for Trying to Be Cool? Actually, did you see the jackets featured in the music video? NEED, WANT, LOVE.
 photo 973B96CF-5343-48AB-8406-F7B51FE24834-611-00000022A1BBA3B3_zps4b3b4b3f.jpg
Okay, but let's seriously go back to the music video. I love how they mixed it with Drakkar Noir. I love the randomness of the different things the band is doing throughout the video. I guess it's their attempts at Trying to Be Cool, no? ;)

Also, major kudos to the big synchronized dance scene in the end and for incorporating more of the guitar/making it more evident than the original song. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this song is seriously one of my top songs of the summer!

p.s. I honestly hope they somehow create and sell these jackets. I can already easily envision myself wearing it with a fantastic pair of Saint Laurent jeans for a very badass look.
UPDATE: Look at what I found on Twitter!

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