Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jourdan Dunn Cancelled from Dior Couture Show for Actually Having Boobs. Omg...

First Dior has an issue with casting models of color (bless baby Jesus that somehow homegurls Alek Wek and Grace Mahary walked the show the other day) and now Dior has an issue with female models actually having breasts. 
I love Raf like the average fashionista, but c'mon this is getting worse. First models of color aren't booked and now this? And I hate how everyone is calling Jourdan Dunn an attention whore for speaking her mind. Let me get this straight: So she's spilling the tea on her twitter and is called an attention whore? That is ludicrous. I mean, did she lie tho'? I detect no lies, tbh. Jourdan Dunn, if you somehow come across this (which I doubt but let a girl dream), continue speaking the truth, hunty.
The fashion industry has me enraged sometimes.

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