Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pin It

I've been feeling a bit frugal and uninspired when it comes to my style. I thought about an easy way to spice up things when it comes to one's wardrobe and then I came across these pins on Urban Outfitters' website and it all made sense! Pins are an alternative to keeping things fresh, fun, and edgy instead of opting to purchasing new items that can sometimes be quite overpriced. I specifically was drawn to this holographic, glittery one with the signature The Rolling Stones logo.
How would I style that, you say? Well, I think with a more neutral, simple kind of jacket, the glittery pin would look quite awesome. A simple, denim jacket of mine that I've adorned with pins would be a lovely clean canvas for this pin. I'm continously adding pins to it after seeing numerous images of streetstyle photos with flawless people adding pins galore to their denim jackets. It turns a lackluster piece of clothing to something unique and gives it some charm. If you're someone that likes to keep things not too overboard, I'd add maybe one or two pins to a monochromatic jacket. It'll give a nice, subtle touch of uniqueness to a rather simple article of clothing. If you're more like me that's inspired by streetstyle, then pin away! It's also one of those accessories that get people engaging with one another. For example, I'd adorned my denim jacket with some The Smiths and The Rolling Stones pins and they're quite the converstation starters. Other pins that I came across Urban Outfitters are these below that fit my current mood.
 This one below reminds me of those fantastic tops by J.W Anderson mens Spring/Summer 2013 with pretty much the same artwork. There's something quite gawky about the bear. It's not too cookie-cutter clean and pretty. The psychadelic tie-dye increases my adoration.
Urban Outfitters include an abundance of pins that cater to an array of different tastes. These small touches are indeed something to keep things refreshing and adds a more personal touch to your wardrobe.

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