Thursday, August 15, 2013

HARD Summer 2013 Diary Day 2: Empire of the Sun, Justice, Breakbot, Flosstradamus, and Dillon Francis.

While Hard Summer day #1 seemed pretty hard to top, day number two was absolutely fabulous. No issues (my phone didn't die and I didn't lose my friends lol) and endless dancing of course.
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The day started off pretty hectic. I, unfortunately with my getting lost/losing my friends fiasco of the night before, woke up late and immediately got ready once I woke up. I had no food, just plain ol' coffee as my little energy booster to get me through. After getting ready, I was running late and was panicking because I decided, I suppose, that I had nothing to wear for the second day. See, I was planning on going for a hawaiian shirt-meets-tropical kind of look yet I couldn't find anything that morning. I hit up a Goodwill, the mall and nothing caught my attention or didn't appear to be what I was lusting after. I had a shirt I had in mind at American Apparel and so I succumbed to temptation and bought it. It's not that I didn't like it. I actually did. It's well...the damn price. AA seems to be overpriced these days that I can't justify that I paid almost $60 for a thin shirt. Nonetheless, I was happy with my purchase, rushed over to Katie's house and did my makeup ASAP. We finally got to the venue and immediately tried to catch a bit of Crystal Castles.
After that, we had a calorie-fest and enjoyed some quintessential festival food: chicken nuggets and french fries. After scarfing down our food, we quickly walked to Breakbot's set. Ummm Breakbot is that man, you guys. Fantastic set, to be honest.
Bitches be taking selfies while other bitches be taking selfies, hunty.
Obligatory homegurls photo:
For my outfit, I was trying to channel a look I saw Diane Kruger had while shopping for groceries at Whole Foods. Yes, Diane Kruger's grocery shopping ensemble was indeed my inspiration. WERQ, no? lol. I opted for comfy shorts and cute, quirky accessories that I sported the day before.
(Pink iridescent sunglasses by Forever 21. Tropical jungle printed short-sleeve shirt by American Apparel. Denim distressed boyfriend shorts by Gap. Leather double-wrap belt by Dior Homme. Brown sneakers by Urban Outfitters. Neon pink and green bracelet by Gap)
After Breakbot, we sat for a while and just chatted. We then hit up Flosstradamus' set. We were eagerly anticipating Empire of the Sun's set so we then left about 15 minutes before they came on. After waiting for what seemed like hours (we were too excited, tbh), Luke Steele finally arrived and his presence was breathtaking. Those costumes and the effort that's involved is inspiring, seriously.
Empire of the Sun was honestly one of my favorite performances of the night.
After that, we saw Dillon Francis. I'm not usually into that hard, trap style but I actually enjoyed Dillon's set. Plus, he played his latest single with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, which I had no idea they even collaborated because TEED is one of my favorite artists!
After that, the three of us ran to Justice and ended the night on such a high note.
The night couldn't have honestly ended any better. The mix of Joan Jett, Aphex Twin, their own songs, some Goerge Michael and countless of fantastic EDM songs was truly epic.
Adios, Hard Summer!
See yah next year.

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