Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Celine Look: Gap's Leopard Print Slip-on Sneakers

Remember those gorgeous leopard print Celine calf hair espadrilles and sneakers? Well, if you can't easily afford those, don't fret. I've managed to score some pretty good imitations from Gap that'll give you the look for a fraction of the price. Behold these beauties from Gap.
Even Fashionista.com thought they easily looked like good Celine imitations. They'll easily give you the look for $59.95, which is a total deal. Luckily, my employee discount will come in handy and I'll manage to nab these for an even better price. Hmm, I'm thinking of styling them with some Gap slim cropped black trousers and a light blue Urban Outfitters button up shirt I have for a cool work appropriate look that screams fashionably professional yet a tad bit casual. Can't wait to receive them next week!

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