Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chanel Spring/Summer 2014

I honestly didn't think Karl would outdo last season's "Around the World" collection, but I sure was wrong. This collection is giving me LIFE. The Chanel girl this season is a fierce, quirky, upbeat art school student that pretty much looks chic 24/7. The clothes had this slight school girl charm about them (that uniform-look on Joan is gorge!) while there also was a slight touch of prep (Grace Mahary's look with the backpack). However, overall it all seemed quite funky and artsy. It was evident by the colors galore and it was even emphasized with the stunning makeup by Peter Phillips that evoked an artists touch on the models (literally). The hair reminded me of paint brushes thanks to Sam McKnight's brilliant work.  Did I mention there really isn't tweed in this collection? According to Tim Blanks, those tweed-like pieces were hybrids from tulle and some other material/fabrics that were brought to life by multiple processes. Who would've known! The evening wear was quite stellar, as usual. One one side, you had gorgeous black and white looks that were quintessential Chanel. On the other hand, you had those rainbow galore dresses that were very fresh and new from Karl which immediately reminded me of pantone. It was very fresh, youthful, fun, and upbeat. The art theme with Karl's sublime designs worked perfectly. As for my favorite looks, I had too many:
One of the bests this season, without a doubt!


p.s. Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby" was on the soundtrack (I know...pretty epic. Michel Gaubert doesn't disappoint I swear!) so put on your nearest rainbow bright ensemble and WERK it.

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