Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disclosure @ The Fonda Theatre

The fact that I was able to see Disclosure (2nd time this year) at the last minute a couple of weeks ago for free still feels so surreal.
 photo 9A2BBFC9-FF1B-4861-9F81-DEA1037E3152-2327-000002C831DF118E_zpsb11b7d9d.jpg
Here's a little brief history: Prior to the actual event, I had been persistently stalking Twitter and Craigslist for any floor tickets for the show (preferably on Friday). Alas, nothing came up. It either seemed too expensive for a ticket (I was already pushing it at $90) or the task of actually retrieving them and going to meet them just wasn't working well with some of the sellers. I was pretty close to giving up until I entered a giveaway for tickets on Twitter. Basically, my ass won, got ready within an hour, and immediately went to party the night away.
 photo 1AA5F2F4-AA59-47F2-9F5A-1BFA52EA98D3-2327-000002C8223B54DF_zpsf415621d.jpg

 photo 4C1FF368-620D-4722-A3F6-DB996E7BC618-2327-000002C8443DFCFC_zpsec4eecee.jpg
I took my friend Jordan and both of use seriously had such a flawless time. Although the tickets were balcony tickets, free tickets are free tickets. Yah feel me? I honestly didn't care where I was seated as long as I actually got to see them live again.
 photo C1273D64-7CDC-42D6-A819-CD5EFC0980A3-2327-000002C8092AAB7F_zps0568a138.jpg
My god, that concert was totally epic. I was bitching the whole week about having to see them and then I actually win tickets to see them. Pretty crazy, right? Those two know how to throw a concert, for reals. Thanks Disclosure for the fabulous time!

p.s. Disclosure released a new track titled "Apollo" and it's so damn good. Enjoy!

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