Wednesday, December 4, 2013

OMG. US Elle January 2014 : Joan Smalls by Michael Thompson

Okay, when was the last time Elle US ever had a model grace the cover of one of their issues? I'm quite surprised to see an actual top model werqing the cover.
I'm not the biggest fan of Joan (I do like her tho'), but I think this is terrific and I honestly hope this has a domino effect on other publications. It's honestly refreshing to see a fierce model grace the cover instead of some vanilla, snoozefest celebrity talking about how they can't afford designer items (I'm looking at you, Kate Hudson) or about their relationships blah blah blah (Katy Perry, is datchu?). It's about time Joan nabbed a major US publication. Homegurl is on fire and I can honestly see her being like Gisele in the near future. Oh, and I couldn't be anymore happier since she's Latina! Latina, represent, gurl. From what I can see, she's slaying the competition in that gorge, metallic halter neck dress by Givenchy. Work it, miss thang. Can't wait to see a full, HQ quality image.

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