Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Akris Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign : Anais Mali

The clothes (or lack of), the makeup, the fierce hair, the pose, but most of all Anais' bangin' body. Should I go on? 
The Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaigns are pourin' in and don't even get my started on the stellar castings this season! Anais has been on my radar ever since the Jason Wu SS14 runway show where she wore that romper/jumpsuit look and I honestly gasped because I couldn't believe how freakin' fabulous she looked and not only that, but she has one of the most insane bodies in the world. I really should be slapped for not paying more attention to her in the past. How she wasn't at the VS show this past year boggles my mind. Anais, keep slayin' the competition. Not only is the advertisement free of gimmicks, but it's just so glamorous and straight to the point. You want to be that woman carrying that bag. You want to have that body. You want to be Anais Mali. Duh.

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