Sunday, January 12, 2014

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign : Anna Ewers & Zuzu Tadeushuk by Steven Klein

I think it's pretty much evident that the ads this season are brilliant! My absolute favorite thus far has to be Alexander Wang's ads lensed by the incredible Steven Klein starring Anna Ewers and Zuzu Tadeushuk! How more cool can this get?
I've probably mentioned before how that parental advisory shirt is going to be the IT item of the season, so I'm quite thrilled it's styled perfectly here. I just love how Anna is posing so fiercely on the sink while showing off those cool pink heels. I'm getting "ditching class to model in the bathrooms" realness, no? She's totally channeling that cool, badass chick in school. Plus, I've become such a big fan of her ever since she opened the show back in September.
This shot below is a bit humorous, which I love when advertisements are a bit more playful.
Ugh, YASS to everything. I can't even deal with how incredible these images are. Can't wait for the rest to pop up. Maybe a shot of Anna posing with her opening look with the mini skirt and the crop top possibly just checking herself in the mirror? Hmm..

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