Sunday, January 26, 2014

Katy Perry Ruining Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Idk about you, but I find Katy Perry so annoying. That's just me, mmmkay. Anyway, she wore that GORGEOUS and breathtaking music note gown by Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 to the Grammys today.
Ugh, such a damn pretty dress!
 Here are my issues with it: Katy has such a curvy, striking body that putting her in something with so much fabric like that just doesn't work for her. Ideally, I would've put this dress on Taylor Swift to give her a princess moment with flowy, beachy locks. Katy Perry in a tight, fitted dress would've been perfect, tbh. Secondly, that hair is such a NO. I mean, it's already a fugly hairdo, but it doesn't even compliment the dress at all. They're two ideas/images that combined together make for an unfortunate look. A+ for effort to her stylist, but you tried and you failed. Kudos to her natural, flawless makeup though.
 And this wouldn't be a fun post without some shade:
 Teehee. Overall, not necessarily my worst dressed of the night because I adore that dress, but I just hate that she wore it and didn't even rock it at least. Just my two cents.

p.s. That dress has to be my wedding dress. I can't stop staring at it.

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