Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Official : Kim Kardashian & Kanye West for US Vogue April 2014 Shot by Annie Leibovitz

After all those rumors, the time has finally come: Kim and Kanye's cover is officially here.
Initially, I didn't think they'd be true but oh boy, I sure was surprised when I read the headline during my break at school while reading my emails. As I mentioned on The Fashion Spot, I actually like Kim. I'm also a fan of Kanye West. What I don't really appreciate is when Wintour does things like this. Anna consistently puts irrelevant stars on the covers that the fashion industry just doesn't get and she consistently throws these bland, vanilla actresses down our throats. Remember her putting basic Blake Lively on the cover twice (am I correct?)? Like, are you serious, Anna Wintour? I also just really hate the the lack of diversity on the covers. Where the hell is Kerry Washington's Vogue cover? She's a red carpet darling, a stylist's dream, someone that many in the fashion industry adore and she actually has talent. We've had Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and Oprah, but that's all I can recall in a sea of basic actresses and socialites fronting the cover. I don't want to make this a race issue because I feel I'm making an issue out of a small thing, but notable women of color are consistently snubbed while socialites and actresses with barely there talent are consistently featured in Vogue, in this case being Kim. It's like that quote on the Bethenny talk show show where Omorosa states that black woman have to be exceptional and beyond while non-colored women can be mediocre and still be praised. Sigh, it's really unfair and I do hope Kerry Washington does eventually get her cover. She deserves it. Does Kim? I don't think so at all and this is coming from a fan, to be honest. I do remain optimistic however since there's been images of Lupita Nyong'o and Wintour sitting front row together at the Calvin Klein Collection F/W 2014 show back in February. Lupita has won an Oscar, for god's sake. If the clues are true indicators of Lupita getting her cover, then I can't wait. I don't blame Kim or Kanye for how I feel, but I blame Anna Wintour for all of this. I guess Vogue needs the viewership and $$$ which is why Kim was an obvious choice. She does have a huge, young, immature fan base, so they'll be in flocks purchasing this issue. Oh, and to top it all off it's shot by Leibovitz, another basic, bland person in the industry. Sigh, US Vogue just doesn't get it.
Ugh, what a mess.