Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Valentino Menswear Spring/Summer 2015: Silent Sedition

Another irresistible collection from the dynamic duo, Maria Grazia and Pier Paolo, for Valentino. Not only is this one of my top 5 collections from PFW thus far and from the whole season, but it's easily one of my favorite collections under the label. Initially, I loved the whole lounge, silky, pajama looks that evoked an easiness and lightness absolutely vital for the Spring and Summer months. I appreciated that they came in cute, fun prints that kept my attention as the collection progressed. The artistic appreciation can be due to those cubist looking pins that added a nice, fun touch to the looks. Interestingly, the collection noted Picasso as one of the muses for the collection. Not only him, but Coteau, Kerouac, and Pasolini were name checked as well. Ultimately, my favorite part of the collection relies on the section towards the end that dealt with embroidered jackets. Decoration was another element vivid throughout the collection. The butterfly pieces and the peacock embroidered jackets? To die for. They were fantastically styled with denim and had the shirt tails peaking through. It was a mixing of something so artistic and breathtaking with everyday items like denim and shirts. I couldn't help myself but immediately think of how cool those looks were. They're perfect for those nights out where you just want to look easily cool and appear chic. As per usual, here are my favorite looks, but let's be real it's pretty much the whole thing.

I also want to include some of my favorite accessories and details, which include bags in luscious leathers, quirky and decorative prints, minimal slider sandals, Cubist brooches, and amazing embroideries.

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