Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer 2014 Playlist

(Goddess Veruschka by Franco Rubartelli)
Summer is pretty much coming to an end, gurls. Okay, the season Summer isn't literally over, but I start school in like 10 days so we can pretty much declare Summer 2014 ova. I thought it would be a pretty fun idea to create a playlist of pretty much every major song I've been dancing my nonexistent ass to. Inspired by my trip to New York to my usual fascination with electronica, garage, house music to some good ol' girl anthems (Beyonce, hello!), this playlist has a good, eclectic mix of songs. Unfortunately, not every song is able to be found on Spotify so I included jams sourced on Soundcloud and Youtube. Now, grab your nearest fab look and let's sashay out in these hot summer streets and pretend we're Karolina Kurkova, okay? Category is: fierce summah bitch.

Adios, summah.

Monday, August 11, 2014

NYC Diary

Guess who's back? *insert Emma Roberts' iconic line from AHS:Coven*
(Outfit: Forever 21 wide-brim fedora, Marc Jacobs necklace, Alexander Wang sweater, Dior Homme belt, Gap boyfriend jeans, Urban Outfitters sneakers, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag, and Michael Kors watch)
Can we all have like a prayer, camp fire-kumbaya moment and thank god because I've finally uploaded, edited, and compiled all my images from both my iphone and camera from my NYC trip earlier this Summer? It was something I had been planning for months with my two friends, Andreina and Jessica, and we really wanted to do a musical festival as well. Perfectly enough, the first week of June had the Governer's Ball happening and thus it wasn't only an ideal trip to party and let loose but also to explore a totally new location. New York City has been one of those destinations where I had always seen myself visiting and even moving to. It's the U.S. fashion capital, let's be real. Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler...this is the place where these designers/labels live, design, and breathe. Sigh, one day I'll move there completely and became some socialite that hangs with the likes of Andreja Pejic and Azealia Banks and contributes to like V Magazine, yah feel me? Jokes and delusions aside, it was a much needed trip. After enduring such a painful, horrendous Spring semester at my university, leaving Cali and having a week of bliss was much needed. 

My Latest Obsession: Little Dragon's Nabuma Rubberband

Can we talk about Little Dragon's flawless album they released a couple of months ago and the adorable album cover?
I was upset yesterday and somehow decided to play their newest album just for the heck of it and hopefully to cheer me up and my god, I made the right decision. It's a tad bit darker than their previous albums, but it's so good. 'Underbart' and 'Pretty Girls' are my top two tunes off of it, but I'm also obsessed with 'Paris', 'Cat Rider', 'Nabuma Rubberband', 'Pink Cloud', and 'Killing Me'. I also adore 'Klapp Klapp' and the accompanying music video. It's so dark, twisted and absolutely perfect. Did I mention the fantastic beat? Ugh, it's so danceable.

It's definitely one of my top albums of 2014. I highly recommend it. Plug in those headphones and get lost. Enjoy.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Gimme, Gimme

It's pretty much official that flannels are like my thing now, yah know? Ever since Saint Laurent's grunge collection from last fall 2013, I've been seeking faded, cool-looking flannels pretty much everywhere. Whether it's my parent's forgotten clothing pieces from their hey days or your local trendy fast retailer, I love them all. I just want to tie them around my waste, wear my brown suede boots, black skinny jeans, stack rings and effortless necklaces, and like sashay down the streets of god knows where pretending I'm Jeff Fribourg at a Saint Laurent show. What's the point I'm trying to make? I'm not quite sure, but maybe I'll be making that point with this flawless flannel shirt I recently came across from Saint Laurent, aka my one true love.
photos from Saint Laurent
I'm so damn broke from shopping too much (I recently did some Saint Laurent, Raf Simons shopping that has me feeling so damn guilty) but ugh, this shirt is perfection. Sigh, $595 though...
FML: The Saint Laurent edition.

p.s. I'm SO sorry for the lack of posting. I've been somewhat busy, but mostly lazy and enjoying the Summer. I do have a Summer 2014 playlist that I'm compiling and a NY Diary post from a trip I took earlier this Summer to Nueva York. Be on the look out for those two.