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NYC Diary

Guess who's back? *insert Emma Roberts' iconic line from AHS:Coven*
(Outfit: Forever 21 wide-brim fedora, Marc Jacobs necklace, Alexander Wang sweater, Dior Homme belt, Gap boyfriend jeans, Urban Outfitters sneakers, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag, and Michael Kors watch)
Can we all have like a prayer, camp fire-kumbaya moment and thank god because I've finally uploaded, edited, and compiled all my images from both my iphone and camera from my NYC trip earlier this Summer? It was something I had been planning for months with my two friends, Andreina and Jessica, and we really wanted to do a musical festival as well. Perfectly enough, the first week of June had the Governer's Ball happening and thus it wasn't only an ideal trip to party and let loose but also to explore a totally new location. New York City has been one of those destinations where I had always seen myself visiting and even moving to. It's the U.S. fashion capital, let's be real. Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler...this is the place where these designers/labels live, design, and breathe. Sigh, one day I'll move there completely and became some socialite that hangs with the likes of Andreja Pejic and Azealia Banks and contributes to like V Magazine, yah feel me? Jokes and delusions aside, it was a much needed trip. After enduring such a painful, horrendous Spring semester at my university, leaving Cali and having a week of bliss was much needed. 

Day One.
(Outfit: Forever 21 wide-brim fedora, scarf I borrowed from my mother, Gap gray t-shirt, vintage flannel, Gap high waisted jeans, Chanel patent toe sneakers, Urban Outfitters crest layered necklace, 3.1 Phillip Lim for target bag)
After settling in our hotel, we immediately headed to the closest market for edible goodies that were perfect for storing easily in our hotel. By easily storing, I mean anything that's pretty much in a wrapper since we lucked out in not having a refrigerator in our room. Does it look like my college student self can cook? Yeah, no. Granola bars and bottled water it is! After settling in, we left Long Island City, which is where our hotel was located at, and headed out into the city. Once we left the subway, we came across this really neat, fun sort-of-farmer's-market-meets-block-party scene happening.
After enjoying some delectable snacks, the gang and I headed to the Empire State Building for quintessential tourist activities. Kate King(god, I love her) posted on her Instagram a gorgeous picture of herself there at night and the view appeared breathtaking. Therefore, there was no doubt about us heading there and experiencing it for ourselves.
Day 2:

Randomly, Jessica, our friend with us, had booked an interview with a nonprofit organization for god knows what and while her morning consisted of interviewing and whatnot, Andreina and I decided to do some sight seeing.
We finally met with Jessica and then headed to the 9/11 memorial site.
(Outfit: Vans baseball cap, scarf from my mother, Michael Kors parka, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag, and Forever 21 black skinny jeans)
From there, the gang decided to split up in order to fully take advantage of the day and see things that personally peaked our interests. Plus, Andreina and I had made plans to visit our old manager from Sunglass Hut and I had also planned to meet a dear friend of mine who I hadn't seen in probably almost a year. Jess went her to way to the Natural History Museum and Andreina and my flawless self went to Soho (omg we LOVED it. It's just.....perfect. I loved the amount of girls I saw rocking Birkenstocks and Chanel bags), Times Square, and some other hip place I can only assume was fabulous. Ugh, I felt like such an asshole that day because I didn't take the right stop to meet my friend in Soho and like it was so rude of me. I ended up wasting her time and she had to arrive late to work. Ugh, god, I feel fucking horrible. Nonetheless, we had a great time at Balthazars (it was so chic and lovely) catching up. Homegurl spilled that truth tea, hunty.
Anyway, we then met up for lunch numero dos with our old manager and then after that met up with Jessica next door at a TGIF. Like, we're in NY, and you're at a TGIF because it's happy hour? Guuuuurl......but, who am I to judge? You do you, boo. It was a mess. lol. Jessica had met some woman from Long Island at the bar and she easily could of been Big Ang's long lost cousin, yah know? Oh, she was nice though. After some horrendous rum concoction that Jessica bought me (eww, I'm a margarita kind of gal), we headed to the Rockefeller Center, who btw we owe a big thanks some random drunk woman at the bar that told us it was nearby and literally it was walking distance so gurl, thank you!

Can we talk about this breathtaking store I came across after leaving the Rockefeller Center? It was purely composed of screens on the outside and it was stellar. Unfortunately, I have no idea what store it is.
Day Three.
So I mentioned Governer's Ball, right? Well, the first day of the festival had arrived and we were so stoked. I mean, Phoenix, anyone? Jessica, being the independent girl that she is, left us early and did some site seeing and Andreina and I finally met up with her later in the afternoon. Basically, I woke up late and couldn't be bothered to wake up that early to serve you tourist realness. I know, I know...I'm a mess. So Andreina, aka the bae, and I met with Jess at Central Park on the side that's across the street from the Museum of Natural History. Toting a sickening outfit (I was wearing my Phoenix jacket in honor of the boys later on) and a yummy green smoothie, I was pretty much set for the rest of the day. Oh, let's not forget cigarettes. There was something about NY that had me smoking constantly. Maybe it's the air, maybe it's knowing I'm in the city where Princess Nokia and Le1f strut the streets, maybe it's the feeling of being in the city where all my favorite models run free, smoking and looking picture perfect as if they're in a Vogue Paris spread, maybe it's just...oh, idk. It just felt...right? 
(Your gurl serving you angelic day time realness at Central Park)
(Outfit:  Gap sunglasses, gray t-shirt, and denim shorts, Phoenix band merch jacket, and Michael Kors rose gold watch)
After exploring Central Park, we finally headed to the Governer's Ball, located in Randall's Island. We had to go through Harlem to get to the venue. Seriously, I really would've loved to have actually explored Harlem. Let's hope I accomplish that next year.
(Watching The 1975 perform)
(Julian Casablancas & The Voidz)
Day Four.
(Outfit: Forever 21 wide brim fedora, American Apparel t-shirt, vintage flannel, Gap boyfriend denim shorts, Converse sneakers, Urban Outfitters crest necklace, and Ray Ban aviators)
(Washed Out Performing)
(Myself and the main bae)
(Literally waiting for my fave boys Disclosure to perform. Literally, the 4th time I've seen them live. Literally, literally, totes literally)
After seeing Disclosure for a bit, Andreina and I left to see The Strokes and got there about half an hour (or was it an hour? Omg..) to get a good view of my faves Julian and Albert. To be honest, The Strokes were, hands down, my favorite performance. So much energy, people going crazy, and too much dancing. It was a religious experience, tbh.
Day Five.
(Outfit: Forever 21 fedora, American Apparel jungle print shirt, vintage shorts, Converse sneakers, Michael Kors watch, and Ray Ban aviators)
(Banks! So damn good)
(Aluna from AlunaGeorge giving me LIFE)
(Tipsy moment sponsored by vodka)
(Second time seeing Empire of the Sun and it's always a magical moment)
Ugh, I really wanted to end the festival with Vampire Weekend but alas the group decided we should end it with Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso. Not gonna lie, they gave an amazing performance.
(Not having it with this late subway)
Day 6.
Our last day consisted of pretty much site seeing and spending it at museums. First up? The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I really wanted to check out the Charles James exhibit, which was absolutely breathtaking. The details up in person were pretty incredible. The folds, tucks, pleats, was really innovative. I'm not quite sure if it's still going on, but I highly recommend you to check it out for some fantastic fashion history. He's one of America's first own personal couturiers.
Unfortunately, security didn't allow photographs and had to prohibit me from taking more. Ugh, it makes me upset because there were some pretty epic gowns that took my breath away that could easily rival my obsession with Galliano couture gowns. After viewing both parts of the exhibit (located in two separate rooms), I decided to tour the museum more. Here are just a couple of personal favorite art pieces I encountered. 
(I'm suddenly in France. Marie Antoinette, where are you, gurl?)
(Henry Matisse - The Young Sailor II)
(Georgia O'Keeffe - Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue)
(Florine Stettheimer - The Cathedrals of Art)
(George Condo - Rush Hour)
(Bridget Riley - Blaze)
(Philip Guston - Stationary Figure)
(Suddenly the Koons is me!)
Once we left the museum, Andreina and I really wanted to do some retail therapy because, uh, hello! We're in NYC. Retail therapy is a must. We headed to Soho once again because we really enjoyed it there earlier in the week and didn't really get to shop that day. Once the evening arrived, we headed to Serendipity 3 to meet up with Jessica and treat ourselves to some festive, delectable deserts.
The last day pretty much consisted of being at the airport and balling my eyes due to leaving my own personal version of bliss. Ugh, it's been a couple of months but I still miss NY. For now, I'm gonna leave this post positive and optimistic. NYC trip part two this winter? Maybe next summah? We'll see...but hopefully in time to coincide with NYFW 'cause you know I'm still upset I didn't get to meet any model whatsoever. Apparently, Andreja Pejic, Anne V., and Heather Marks were all at The Governer's Ball. FML. Seriously, let's hope I meet, oh I don't know, Vlada Roslyakova next time I'm there *crosses fingers*. See yah next time, New York City.

p.s. I'm so sorry for the lack of images. I really wanted to experience everything and therefore I didn't want to consume my trip of taking photographs. Live in the moment, yah know? Also, if you're interested in some videos of my trip, check out my Instagram @tonyalaniz. Adios!

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