Saturday, September 27, 2014

Maison Martin Margiela Spring/Summer 2015

I've never been one to gush over a MMM collection, but I sure do appreciate the details. As usual, I love the artisanal, DIY-like details that are recognizable features the house is known for. My favorite has to be the painted flowers that were featured in a stunning, worn-in looking coat on Feifei and also on the eyewear. 
My favorite look is the first one with the pinstripes and the sliver of skin showing. The asymmetrical hemline on the top is quite interesting and it makes the pinstripes seem less business and more cool while there's a tad bit of sex appeal with skin showing. Some looks were a bit mehh, but then again I'm not the target MMM customer.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


OMG. This is a historical moment, y'all. Like Gia Gunn from Project Runway says: "This is the moment that counts." Leave it to mama Miuccia Prada to resurrect ha ass back all the way from Australia!
Seriously, the fact that it's been, oh idk about 7 years!!!!, since Gemma has done a runway show is truly fucking crazy. Homegurl is the sole reason for the baby faced models of her time (HELLO! Lily Cole and Caroline Trentini, anyone?!?). Gemma is that girl that was everyone's first favorite model when they got into fashion, or at least my generation would agree. Ever since her departure from the industry and trying to break into film, it's been quite bleak in the model world, tbh, and no one was having IT. She's been gone for so long and still has the power to return and still make an impact. This is seriously a fucking miracle and it does feel quite surreal. The queen, the doll-faced beauty, the legend has returned! This is going in the books, kids!
Besides Gemma, my original queen Snej is back! Let me tell you, homegurl is quite active on Instagram. Not only have I almost fainted from her replying to me on there a couple of times, but she's been quite vocal about wanting to make a comeback and she finally appeared at the Ports 1961 show! Another major comeback!
It's funny because she posted traveling to Milan to do shows/get back into the business and then commented at someone saying she's not doing shows and is traveling back to Kiev. Like a true fan, I was having a fit about it. Like, you go to Milan and then you're coming back home? UGH NOPE. I'm not having it, Snej. BUT I guess she went back to Milan and did the Ports 1961 show. Hmm, sure, it's not exactly Prada, but it is a strong show in terms of casting. Edward Enninful is involved with the show, which to me seems perfect because if she can become close to him that'll lead to editorials, which leads to exposure, which then leads to more runway shows, which means ad campaigns, etc. You get me, right? However, even though I'm so ecstatic my all-time favorite model did a show in Milan Fashion Week, I am not loving that hair color. It washes her out and I feel like something darker, like her hair color during her first couple of seasons, will bring back that youthfulness she's lacking at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love ha, but I just want the best for my queen.
Okay, and in not-exactly-a-comeback news, MCB just graced us with her beauty at Fendi after not walking the label since Spring/Summer 2009! She's my ultimate runway queen because her runway walk fucking slays! No one can compete with her. Like, she's the reason I sashay down the streets of LA.
Mother has arrived indeed. Did I tell you she closed the show? Yup! My god, she looked gorgeous and I'm hoping she walks Chanel during PFW since she hasn't walked for the label since that American flag Spring/Summer 2008 collection. You gotta love that smirk she does.

*calls Lagerfeld to bring her to Chanel*
OMG! And let's not forget about Jessica Stam, who's having a resurgence at the moment.

Damn it's been such a long time since I've seen Stam so involved in runway shows. She closed Public School and was in Marc Jacobs 2 weeks ago and here she is back in the game at Fendi. I fucking love it. It honestly feels like I'm back to being 15 when I got into fashion and had my walls filled with images of Stam, Snej, Vlada, Gemma, Freja, Chanel, Kass, MCB, Natasha, and the list goes on. It was the good ol' days where I feel models were truly valued and less disposable. Models seemed so unique, talented, and really intriguing. Sure, many argue models at that point don't come close to the models of the 90s. However, it was my generation of models that gave me life and really made me appreciate fashion and seeing these girls back in a show or two really makes me nostalgic for the good ol' days. It's nice to see familiar faces when countless of celeb models *cough Kendall cough* *giggles* and bland girls are dominating the catwalks. This also reminds me of a good point that Steff Yotka from made:
Not only does Ward's appearance solidify the fact that models are making their return to the spotlight (look no further than Vogue's September cover or the major models who walked in other SS15 shows, like Abbey Lee Kershaw, Kristen Owen, Maggie Rizer or Lara Stone, who closed the Prada show, for proof), but it's also probably about to put an end to the stunt casting that dominated New York runways. I mean, who really cares which runways celebrity spawn models walked when Gemma Ward is back in the game? 
I honestly blame casting directors, of course, and Katie Grand. Like, gurl, stop trying to make every damn celeb model happen. Like, just fucking stop. The fact that celeb models, like Cara Deleving, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Haily Baldwin, Georgia May Jagger, and now Ella Richards, are everywhere really irks me. Thank god, or should I say Miuccia Prada, my generation of girls are making a comeback, whether it's grand or miniscule. Overall, let's definitely celebrate. It truly is a good week in fashion right now.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2015

Initially when Jamie Bochert opened the show in high-waisted trousers and over-the-knee laced boots, I thought the collection was going to be equestrian meets romanticism. By the end, it finally hit me: these girls are twisted mermaids that probably practice magic. I love a good ol' under the sea, aquatic inspired collection (umm Givenchy SS12 and Chanel SS12, anyone?!?) so this was definitely my cup of tea. I appreciated how the Mulleavy sisters were able to incorporate things related to the the sea with the use of embellishments and mixing fabrics/textures, which is quintessential Rodarte and referenced some of their old work. The sequins and embellishments reminded me of scales while others appeared like bubbles from afar on those fishing jackets. The layers of fabrics on the dresses just seemed so flawlessly put together and a bit collage-esque. They seemed artistic, crafty ala the Rodarte way, and absolutely dreamy, pretty, and divine. The use of net helped to enhance the water-theme. Oh, but back to the dresses...the the different appliques and embellishments made the dresses seem as if they rose from the ocean and collected all those different seashells and stones located deep beneath the sea, no? Those patchwork, embellished dresses and gowns were by far my favorite thing from this collection not only because of how sublime and beautiful they were, but because it brought back nostalgia from the good ol' days when the label did really artistic, breathtaking pieces. It was a return to the good ol' Rodarte. They had a dreamy quality and thats' exactly what I expect from this fantastic duo. Seriously, who doesn't want to look like a mermaid, sea goddess?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015

I normally think of athleticism when it comes to his label, but I think Alexander Wang fully went full force with his obsession with athleticism. I'm primarily intrigued at how he was able to use sneakers and sports (colors, prints, details from actual namebrand sneakers) and incorporate that into actual wearable clothes without it looking gimmicky or tacky. Take for example Adidas' Stan Smith sneakers and the color scheme; it was evident in the green/white section of the collection that looked absolutely cute and chic and would look great at a lovely summer tennis event, no? Or how about how Wang took actual mesh from jerseys and used that as fabric on an edgy, cool cocktail dress that seems light but absolutely divine up close. Wang sure loves his leather, and I particularly loved it in that cropped top he showed with black trousers. The black and red instantly reminded me of Jordans. Those neon cocktail dresses also reference Nike's flyknits, which were cool and quite sexy. Those, I'm sure, will be some of the hottest pieces come next spring/summer. By the end, the collection returned back to a sexy state by featuring cool camis/crop tops that had really fantastic prints. The last number on Anna Ewers appears to be not necessarily a print but rather a woven that creates a print, but I'm not quite sure. Nonetheless, they remained sexy, cool, and fabulous for a hot summer night. Favorite looks below:

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Soundtrack

You know, you can always count on Wang to deliver one of the most well-executed collections of the season, but you can also count on him to deliver a pretty dope soundtrack. If you haven't heard it, I beg you to check out this season's soundtrack full of EDM/trap tunes that have me goin' "YASSSS". Diplo, Steve Aoki...must I go on?

Remember when Wang used 'Harlem Shake' 2 years ago and then it was everywhere? I swear, he has great music taste. Missy Elliot, Diplo, Major Lazer, The Prodigy...the man clearly knows how to make me want to get out of my seat and do a dance routine ala Nicki Minaj in 'Anaconda' and WERQ, you feel me? Like, I can see Wang giving me like a pretty badass mix tape and my ass going bananas over it. Wang is that gurl that when he throws a party, you're definitely going and putting on your finest streetwear look and making your face beat for the gods because he's that person that has the soundtrack that makes the party. You know, those specific parties? We've all been to one at least. Think Dionne and Cher "rollin' with the homies"from Clueless. Anyway, enough rambling. Here's the full soundtrack:
Alexander Wang S/S 2015
1. MATRiXXMAN, Mykki Blanco - God Created the Beat (Apocalypse Now)

2. Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Tujamo, Kid Ink - Delirious (Boneless)

3. Diplo - Biggie Bounce

4. Linkoban - Like This (Dixone Remix)

5. Lil' Jon feat. Tyga - Bend Ova

Damn, now I feel like hitting one of my homegurls up who's dying to have me go to HARD: Haunted Mansion with her next month. I feel like wearing an athletic inspired #lewk and slaying while I'm dancing. Ugh, the magic of Wang.

p.s. I'm not LOVING the collection, but it's good and the bags are like everything, tbh. Review coming up!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Adios, Summer

Can we talk about how fast summer 2015 went by? Quintessential summer activities, like hitting up your favorite beach, finally happened toward the end of season and the fact that it took the whole summer to do that is absolutely heartbreaking. Dramatic feelings aside, this summer really was a mixed on. It was certainly a roller coaster. From leaving friendships behind to forming even greater bonds with admirable friends I have now, traveling, opening up more, trying new things, questioning certain things etc...I guess you can say this summer will indeed be memorable. But seriously, let's make this post about enjoying Malibu, please. 
(Vintage flannel, American Apparl swim shorts, Forever 21 wide-brim fedora, Ray-Ban aviators)
*sobbing* Later, summer.