Sunday, September 7, 2014

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015

I normally think of athleticism when it comes to his label, but I think Alexander Wang fully went full force with his obsession with athleticism. I'm primarily intrigued at how he was able to use sneakers and sports (colors, prints, details from actual namebrand sneakers) and incorporate that into actual wearable clothes without it looking gimmicky or tacky. Take for example Adidas' Stan Smith sneakers and the color scheme; it was evident in the green/white section of the collection that looked absolutely cute and chic and would look great at a lovely summer tennis event, no? Or how about how Wang took actual mesh from jerseys and used that as fabric on an edgy, cool cocktail dress that seems light but absolutely divine up close. Wang sure loves his leather, and I particularly loved it in that cropped top he showed with black trousers. The black and red instantly reminded me of Jordans. Those neon cocktail dresses also reference Nike's flyknits, which were cool and quite sexy. Those, I'm sure, will be some of the hottest pieces come next spring/summer. By the end, the collection returned back to a sexy state by featuring cool camis/crop tops that had really fantastic prints. The last number on Anna Ewers appears to be not necessarily a print but rather a woven that creates a print, but I'm not quite sure. Nonetheless, they remained sexy, cool, and fabulous for a hot summer night. Favorite looks below:

Let's talk about some of my favorite accessories and details! Seriously, I'm salivating over these bags with sneaker details. Like, I can't even deal at how cool they are. Which color, you ask? Blue, duh.
Okay, I did love Anna's top, but this one sure beats it. For some reason, it reminds me of Nascar racing flags and flames. Flawless combo, I know right!
Overall, I'm still crying because I want pieces from last the spring/summer collection and this still isn't my favorite collection of his, but it's quite brilliant. It's very futuristic athleticism and I'm totally feeling it. Adios.

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