Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2015

Initially when Jamie Bochert opened the show in high-waisted trousers and over-the-knee laced boots, I thought the collection was going to be equestrian meets romanticism. By the end, it finally hit me: these girls are twisted mermaids that probably practice magic. I love a good ol' under the sea, aquatic inspired collection (umm Givenchy SS12 and Chanel SS12, anyone?!?) so this was definitely my cup of tea. I appreciated how the Mulleavy sisters were able to incorporate things related to the the sea with the use of embellishments and mixing fabrics/textures, which is quintessential Rodarte and referenced some of their old work. The sequins and embellishments reminded me of scales while others appeared like bubbles from afar on those fishing jackets. The layers of fabrics on the dresses just seemed so flawlessly put together and a bit collage-esque. They seemed artistic, crafty ala the Rodarte way, and absolutely dreamy, pretty, and divine. The use of net helped to enhance the water-theme. Oh, but back to the dresses...the the different appliques and embellishments made the dresses seem as if they rose from the ocean and collected all those different seashells and stones located deep beneath the sea, no? Those patchwork, embellished dresses and gowns were by far my favorite thing from this collection not only because of how sublime and beautiful they were, but because it brought back nostalgia from the good ol' days when the label did really artistic, breathtaking pieces. It was a return to the good ol' Rodarte. They had a dreamy quality and thats' exactly what I expect from this fantastic duo. Seriously, who doesn't want to look like a mermaid, sea goddess?

Some of my favorite details:
Let's also take a moment to appreciate the pretty, soft makeup the models sported. It looked so damn good on Daria, Xiao, Sasha (ughh my baby!!), and Hollie-May. It seemed so light, pretty and I love that dusty, coral color on the lid. I also loved the brow piercings. They were pretty badass, to be honest.
So far, I'm ranking this one as my top collection of NYFW.

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